SUSTAINABILITY THEMES 3. Natural resources Sustainable Development Goal 12 In a circular economy, the cycle of raw materials is closed: components and products lose their value as little as possible and are reused as much as possible. We organised four workshops for our growers to learn more about sustainable packaging. We recorded a Plantify® Podcast where listeners can hear Royal Lemkes and a packaging expert from the packaging advisory board KIDV discuss sustainable packaging for plants. Listen to the Plantify® Podcast – sustainable packaging. 45,658 39,100 2021 2022 We organised two roundtable sessions on sustainable substrate. We reduced the amount of plastic wrapping film we use by 6,558 kg. Since 2020, our goal has been a 10% year-on-year reduction in plastic – an overall reduction of 50% by 2025. Our ultimate aim is to use multi-use plant trays by 2030. In 2022, a packaging material registration process was implemented as an intermediate step towards a system in which all packaging will be registered and reused. • Registration December 2021: 15% of transport packaging • Registration December 2022: 74% of transport packaging 30

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