2 What are you ready for? On the street... What is important in a relationship? We went out on the street to find out. Girls say: MANDY, AGE 16: ‘I think it’s important that you’re honest with each other. And I think that a boy shouldn’t be more important to you than your friends.’ SOPHIE, AGE 15: ‘You belong to each other and not to anyone else. I think that’s very important. The boy shouldn’t go out with other girls.’ EMMA, AGE 15: ‘I do want to be able to have a proper conversation with her, that’s the most important. Otherwise it’s all so superficial.’ FADOUA, AGE 13: ‘How he is with other boys and girls, and with others like his parents, sisters. Whether he’s nice to them. I think that’s very important.’ ELLA, AGE 14: ‘I think what’s most important is to be there for each other, to love each other.’ Boys say: KEVIN, AGE 15: You have to be able to trust each other. And keep each other happy.’ ADAM, AGE 16: ‘We once argued, he was very cross with me. Then he said: ‘But we still won’t split up.’ Then it’s obvious that it’s serious.’ QUINT, AGE 13: ‘If you want to go out with someone, you have to really be in love.’ LIAM, AGE 14: ‘It’s something I respect, a boy who has a girlfriend for a long time, that he’s stable.’ ACHMET, AGE 15: ‘That you can talk to each other properly is part of it. If you don’t have that, you know the relationship isn’t likely to work.’ Going out and then... If you like someone and they like you, you’ll often show that by touching each other. Maybe walking hand in hand or kissing. For some people, that’s enough. Others want to go further. How far you want to go, is up to you. 8 LONG LIVE LOVE Tips Having a really good relationship! • Do things together. Go and see a film, go out for the day, or listen to music together. • But make sure you don’t do everything together. Have your own life too: don’t forget about your other friends. • Give compliments. Say why you think they’re sweet or attractive. • Respect each other’s opinions. You’re equally important. • Tell them if something is bothering you. Don’t bottle things up. • Surprise each other. Send romantic texts, give a gift now and then.

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