complete Must we do everything together? THOMAS, AGE 15: ‘I’ve been going out with Daisy for two months. We have a lot of fun, but there’s one problem: she wants to do everything together. My friends think she’s controlling me. But if I say that to her, she’ll think I don’t like her anymore.’ His friends’ advice ZENYA, AGE 15: ‘Isn’t it logical that Daisy wants to do a lot together? That’s what it’s like when you’ve just started going out. You’re madly in love. Your friends just have to get used to you spending more time with your girlfriend.’ SOPHIE, AGE 14: ‘I think you can tell Daisy what it’s like for you. That it’s nothing to do with how you feel about her. But that you still want to do things with your friends. Maybe you’ll enjoy going out with Daisy even more! Your girlfriend does want you to be happy too, doesn’t she?’ MICK, AGE 15: ‘This happened to me too when I was in a relationship. It didn’t mean I didn’t like my girlfriend. I just wanted to be able to chill out on my own as well. I’d tell her if I were you. Suggest that she makes arrangements with her friends too. If you don’t do it, it will keep irritating you. And then I think you’ll split up.’ What’s your advice? Broken-hearted Your relationship’s over? It may leave you with a broken heart. That feels different for everyone. You might feel so awful that you hide yourself away. Some people just don’t want to do anything. But others immediately go looking for a new relationship. What can help is to talk about it, do something that takes your mind off it, or write down your feelings in a diary or song lyrics. Ending it A relationship isn’t going so well. You want to call it a day, but how? • Be honest. Don’t keep going if what you really want is to call it a day. It’s fairer to the other person. Not knowing where you stand is often more hurtful. • Be friendly. Say why the relationship isn’t working anymore for you. Don’t criticise the other person. Say for example: ‘My feelings for you aren’t strong enough.’ That sounds better than: ‘You’re so boring and you’re very unattractive.’ • Face-to-face. Don’t end it with someone in a text message or a chat, that’s not nice. • Show respect. Don’t say anything bad about your ex when it’s over. LONG LIVE LOVE 9 BEN, AGE 15: ‘My tip for a boy with a broken heart? Talk to your sister or another girl, as they know how girls’ minds work.’ Tips LILY, AGE 16: ‘Just give yourself some time. After being sad for a while, you’ll start to feel better.’ Did you know... Everyone’s heart can be broken. Even the toughest boys and girls in the class.

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