2 What are you ready for? No sex yet, why would you do that? Some boys and girls don’t have sex until they’re married. Others don’t wait. Read what Robbert (age 17), Eva (age 15) and Meryem (age 16) think about sex before marriage. I think sex is special. I’ll only do it if I think the boy is special too. I also won’t have sex yet. I’m Muslim. I’m proud of being a virgin. I’m saving myself. I’m not going to bed with just anybody. I wanted to know what it was like. I was curious. I met a girl at a party. She wanted to go further too. So we went all the way. Don’t you think it’s a shame you didn’t know her well? I want to wait until I have a proper relationship. If you’ve done it once, then it’s easier after that. It’s not quite as scary. Now I have a relationship and sex is also much better. Because I really love my girlfriend. Doesn’t everyone want to have sex with someone they really love? 10 LONG LIVE LOVE

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