Reasons for not having sex yet Reasons for having sex now JOSINE, AGE 16: ‘I want to have sex with a boy who really wants to be with me and isn’t going to dump me afterwards.‘ PETRA, AGE 15: ‘I was brought up a Christian, so I want to wait as long as possible.’ RACHID, AGE 15: ‘I think I’m too young still. I did kiss once, but that’s all.’ DAVID, AGE 16: ‘I want to go out with someone for a while and then I’ll see.’ STEFFI, AGE 18: ‘It felt right and I was ready.’ THOMAS, AGE 17: ‘She’s my girlfriend and we wanted to.’ JOYCE, AGE 16: ‘We’ve been together for a while and we were curious.’ MITCHELL, AGE 18: ‘We really love each other.’ quiz How old…? How old are teenagers when they have sex for the first time?  15  16  17  18 quiz Romance or excitement? Choose the type of person that describes you the best.  You’re romantic You think sex is something special and intimate between two people. You only want to have sex when there’s true love. You’re not likely to jump into bed with just anyone.  You have other interests Sex? That’s for later! You’re busy with other things. You might daydream sometimes about sex, but that’s all.  You’re patient You can only lose your virginity once. So you’ll wait until you’re married or until you’re really sure that he or she is the one for you.  You want some excitement Sex is a journey of discovery! You think passion and excitement are very important. If you have sex, it’s because it makes you feel good and you think the other person is exciting. LONG LIVE LOVE 11 Did you know... More than a third of boys and girls in the Netherlands use condoms and the pill when they have sex for the first time. The answer is: 18 Half of all people in the Netherlands have had sex for the first time by the time they are 18 years old. The other half of all 18-year-olds haven’t had sex yet.

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