3 Where do you draw the line? quiz What would you do? Sometimes it’s difficult to discover how far you want to go. Do this quiz to find out what you think. 1. To kiss or not to kiss? Imagine... For a while now, you’ve really liked someone from the class above yours. One afternoon you’ve arranged to see each other and you cycle home together afterwards. As you say goodbye, the other person wants to kiss you. But you’d promised yourself you wouldn’t do that the first time you go out with someone. What do you do?  a. I don’t kiss them. I suggest going to see a movie together sometime.  b. I only kiss the other person on the cheek.  c. I do kiss. This time it really is different. I feel like I’m in love! 2. What would you do? Imagine... You’ve been chatting with someone online for four weeks. You have mutual friends and have talked a lot but never met. You really like each other. One evening the other person suggests you meet sometime. What do you do?  a. I say that I’d rather not meet yet. Maybe in a while.  b. I arrange to meet at a party with friends so we’re not alone.  c. I make an arrangement and also ask my friends to call me to see if things are going well. complete What does the other person want? You think about how far you want to go. But how do you know what the other person does or doesn’t want? NADIA, AGE 16: ‘I’m going out with a boy for the first time. The other day we were in my room kissing. I really wanted to go further than kissing but didn’t know what he thought of that. It was difficult to tell what he really wanted. How do you find out?’ MAAILA, AGE 17: ‘How far do I go? It depends what I feel like, where I am and who I’m with.’ Her friends’ advice CHELSEY, AGE 16: ‘You could carefully start caressing him and ask if that’s OK, whether he’s ready for it. That’s what I did. It makes it all clearer and better.’ What’s your advice? MEHMET, AGE 15: ‘I’d think it was really good if my girlfriend would ask: ‘Do you like this?’. That’s how I'd find out what we both do and don’t want. It would make it a lot easier.’ DANIEL, AGE 16: ‘If you watch him and see that he likes it and caresses you too, you know that it’s all right. Then you don’t have to say anything and won’t spoil the moment.’ LISA, AGE 17: ‘It went really well for us. At one point we had a conversation about sex and stuff. I asked him ‘What do you do regarding sex?’ and ‘What do you like?’. And I told him what I thought. It just strengthened our relationship.’ 14 LONG LIVE LOVE What kind of person are you when it comes to love? Do you have certain rules for what you do? Or are you more spontaneous? Tip: Always trust your intuition. If it feels right, it’s OK.

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