A ROMANCE Chat! Chill! And then? Hannah HOW IT BEGAN... Today 16:02 Nick Nick Hi Hannah, how are you? Today 16:04 Hannah Good. Lovely to chat again. Hannah and Nick have been chatting for eight weeks. They have mutual friends. They’ve never met. Hannah Nick Hannah Today 16:05 Nick It’d be really nice to do something together. At the same time Nick is talking to his friend Justin. Justin Nick Today 16:05 Hannah Shall we meet then? Today 16:06 Nick Hey Justin. I’m going to go out with Hannah. Any tips? Justin Nick Cool! Today 16:08 Justin The other day I met Jessica at the marketplace. We had fun there. Hannah Today 16:09 Nick Nick Hannah, shall we meet Friday afternoon at the marketplace? Good idea! Today 16:10 Hannah LONG LIVE LOVE 15

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