3 Where do you draw the line? Oh no… this is Wonder what she expects me to do. Will this be the first time? going a bit too fast. I hope he thinks I look good. She’s pushing me away, but she’s smiling. What does she mean? I’ll get a condom out. Maybe that’s what she means. I’m not sure… No… What will he think if I don’t want to go any further? How do I make that clear without upsetting him…? now it’s really going too far. I’m glad you’re being honest and saying what you want. I don’t really want to go any further. It’s good that you thought of condoms for when we do it. Another time. Do you mean that? I thought you’d be upset about not going any further. I did have my doubts too. But because you smiled at me and kissed me back, I thought you wanted to go further. I pushed you away a bit, didn’t I? It’s funny that we’re both OK with it though. I just love cuddling you. It’s best to do what you both want. THE END 18 LONG LIVE LOVE

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