4 How do you make sex special? Sex is special... when you enjoy it Some people start young. Others prefer to wait for a while. But when you do have sex, it should be special. And it’s all up to you. Say what you enjoy and ask the other person what they like too. Any questions? Chat with, email or call the Sense Infoline. 26 LONG LIVE LOVE How do I find out what my girlfriend wants? To: info@sense.info From: sami_k@gmail.com Subject: what does my girlfriend want? Dear Sense, My girlfriend and I have been going out for a while. We haven’t done ‘it’ yet, but we do go further than just kissing. But how am I supposed to know what she wants? Should I notice something? I don’t want to go too fast, you see. Thanks for your help, Sami ---------------------------------------------------------Dear Sami, It’s really good that you think about what your girlfriend might like. How do you find out what that could be? Here are a couple of tips: 1 You could ask her. You might find that a bit difficult, but at least you’ll know immediately what she wants. For example: ‘Does this feel good?’ or ‘Do you want me to carry on or am I going too fast?’ 2 Sometimes you might notice something. Does she start kissing or touching you? Or push your hand towards something? Can you hear her breathing? Those are usually ‘yes-signs’, then you’re OK. Is she very quiet or does she turn her body away from you? These are often ‘no-signs’. If you notice any of this, always check with your girlfriend if your intuition is right (‘Do you want me to carry on or would you rather not?’). Then you know where you are.

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