If sex isn’t so enjoyable Boys and girls can have various problems with sex. These problems are often due to inexperience. If you haven’t had sex very often, you might be quite nervous. Common problems in… GIRLS: • Pain during sex • Not having an orgasm BOYS: • Coming too soon • Difficulties getting or keeping an erection Chat met sense Amy: Sex hurts sometimes, is that normal? Infoline: No, that isn't normal. But you’re not the only one, it happens to many girls. Amy: Oh. Why's that? Infoline: Because it often all goes too fast. Maybe you don’t take enough time to relax properly and get aroused. Amy: So what should I do? Infoline: Taking your time and relaxing is important. If intercourse hurts, you can also choose to have sex another way, like kissing or caressing. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about the problem. If you continue to have pain, we’d advise you to make an appointment with your doctor or Sense. LONG LIVE LOVE 27 Tricky situation… To: info@sense.info From: coolman_22@gmail.com Subject: tricky situation Hello, I often can’t get a hard on, what can I do? Thanks for your help. ---------------------------------------Dear Coolman, Boys often can’t get erections when they’d like to. This can be due to nerves, too much alcohol or not really wanting to have sex. While you’re having sex, don’t think too much about whether you can stay erect. That’s when it often goes wrong. Talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend. That might help you feel a lot more relaxed about it. And make sure you’re enjoying yourselves in bed together. The chances are that things will then soon improve. What can you do to enjoy sex? • Only have sex if you really want to. Don’t do it when you don’t feel like it! • Take your time when you have sex. • Make sure you’re both relaxed.

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