6 Safe sex: how do you do it? What do they think of condoms? Boys say: DAN, AGE 18: ‘The first couple of times I found it really awkward – stopping just when we were starting to have fun to get a condom. But now we’re so used to it that we don’t even think about it.’ LUCAS, AGE 16: ‘At first I really didn’t want to use a condom. Because you do feel less. But since I got really stressed out once, I’ve always used them. I’d rather feel less and not have any stress afterwards.’ LEANDER, AGE 14: ‘I think it’s really stupid if people don’t use them. Imagine if you catch something? You just don’t know whether someone has an STI.’ NIGEL, AGE 17: ‘Some of my friends say that sex without a condom feels better. But I feel much more relaxed, knowing I’m protecting my girl. Then she doesn’t have to be nervous about pregnancy or STIs.’ JAMIE, AGE 18: ‘At first I found them quite difficult to put on. Now we’ve got the hang of it and she does it too. That’s cool.’ Girls say: AVIVA, AGE 15: ‘If I was with someone, I wouldn’t only take the pill. I’d definitely use condoms too. You’d want to be sure, wouldn’t you?’ ISABELLA, AGE 16: ‘At the beginning you probably wouldn’t talk about things you’d done in the past. That’s why I’d never do it without using condoms before that person has taken an STI test.’ KRYSTA, AGE 16: ‘The first time I found it quite difficult to bring up the subject of condoms. But I really didn’t want to do it without using one. So you have to talk about it. And you’re much more relaxed if you don’t have to worry.’ CAITLYN, AGE 18: ‘Look, we all know it feels nicer without a condom. But what’s nice about an STI? Nothing. So we use condoms.’ BRITT, AGE 16: ‘Maybe you can trust your boyfriend, and maybe even his exgirlfriends, but you never know who they’ve been with. You think: I’ll never get an STI, but the problem is that everyone thinks that. You just never know for sure.’ What else is good about condoms: • A condom stops a boy coming too fast. • A condom is cleaner, semen stays in it. What do parents think of condoms? I haven’t talked to mum and dad about it. But I’m sure they think condoms are important. My parents think it’s very important. My mother even gave me condoms for when I went on holiday with my friends. My parents think I should only have sex when I’m married. But they do say: ‘Always use a condom if something does happen’. At home we have a jar of condoms that we can all use. It’s really cool. 38 LONG LIVE LOVE

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