Who makes the first move, a boy or a girl? Boys say: BART, AGE 13: ‘I like it when a girl chats up a boy. I’m a bit shy you see.’ JAY, AGE 15: ‘I think boys should make the first move. We don’t often get a bad reputation. If a girl starts chatting up boys, she could be seen as a bit of a slag.’ MO, AGE 14: ‘It doesn’t bother me, I like it if you both do your best. If you both show the other person that you like them.’ Girls say: SHARON, AGE 16: ‘I took the initiative. My boyfriend liked that. He likes girls who know what they want.’ LISETTE, AGE 15: ‘Some boys think the boy should always do the chatting up because it’s more manly. I also think it’s really good if a boy does his best for you.’ FATMA, AGE 13: ‘It depends on the person. There are lots of shy boys and very outgoing girls. So sometimes the girl does the chatting up and sometimes the boy.’ complete Eight chat up tips You’re in love, that’s great. But what about the other person? How do you chat them up? 1 Make eye contact 2 Make sure you ‘happen to be’ nearby. 3 Talk to them, show them you’re interested. 4 Smile. That shouldn’t be too difficult. 5 Give compliments. 6 Touch the other person accidentally. Remember: do it gently and not too obviously. What’s your chat up tip? 7 Chat on the computer to get to know them better. 8 Ask a friend to check if it’s mutual. MEGAN, AGE 16: ‘Just make it clear you’re enjoying yourself. They’re bound to come over to you.’ JOSH, AGE 15: ‘I always talk to them between lessons. Just say: ‘Hi, you OK?’ SOULEYMAN, AGE 13: ‘While you’re talking to her, look at her in a way that makes her realise that you like her.’ LONG LIVE LOVE 7

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