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At tight-knit family business TFT, we sometimes believe sweetness runs through our veins. As if we have candy, biscuits and cakes inside our DNA. How else can we explain our relentless quest for creating the best customized process lines for all sorts of delicious products? our DNA Since 1991, we are committed to designing, engineering and building high quality, innovative food processing equipment for continuous production of bakery, dairy and confectionery products in industrial environments. And frankly, we are really good at it, in our own way, with our own family values. Don’t just take our word for it; manufacturers worldwide – from established brands to fresh start-ups – embrace TFT as go-to partner for their sweet supplies. Because we combine smart, easy to operate solutions with a great level of personal service. And because we are constantly developing ways to make our tailored equipment and applications cater even more to the individual sweet needs of every single one of our clients. It simply is inside our DNA.

In total The crunchiest sandwich biscuits combined with cream, mallow, caramel and jelly, as well as the airiest wafers and tastiest cupcakes ... to create the best of the best in delicacies, full control is mandatory. From start to finish.

capacity viscosity density temperature aeration pH level At TFT, we have total control of all the parameters that, once perfectly mixed together, guarantee the highest level of deposit accuracy. Whether it’s viscosity, density, pH level or any other essential element; we all know that the higher the precision, the higher the quality and profit. And we’re pretty sure you also like crystallization a taste of that sweet turnover, without losing out on any of the vital factors that turn basic ingredients into mouthwatering delights. That’s why for instance we choose in-line aeration over batch-mixing and in-line temperature control over batch tempering systems. That’s also why we embrace process equipment that perfectly matches your product’s needs. And that’s why we are a proud member of the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG). We take all confectioneries very seriously, so your customers can seriously enjoy them.

All men and women at TFT have one distinctive feature in common: an almost insatiable sweet and savoury tooth. A Let this fondness for all things tasty work wonders for your business, big or small. e o Add a little flavour to everyday life A t reat your customers to the finest oducts by treating yourself to the finest production partner: TFT. pr fin Fr an m to sa an in o rom creative concept to final product and beyond: we offer innovative, tailormade equipment and practical support to help you create the yummiest sandwich biscuits, cakes, marshmallows and all sugary and savoury things nice in between. Almost out of thin air, as ontinuous aeration plays an essential part in nearly all the processes we offer. This airy method not only adds volume, richness and smoothness to your products, it also makes them even more mouth-watering. Don’t just take our word for it, let your customers be the judge: we are certain they will cherish every airy bite and ask for seconds.


matters There, we said it: at TFT, we truly believe that dimensions are crucial. We like big opportunities and even bigger success, but we also want to leave the smallest possible footprint. On the global scale of environmental impact, and on the local scale of the sizes of the machinery on the work floor. So, we simply combine them. Of course, we take our responsibility when it comes to waste and water management. For instance, wherever possible, we make conscious and efficient use of raw materials. Our smart Clean-In-Place system for cleaning our purifying water enables us to use as little as possible cleaning agents, while reusing this water as often as possible. And we always choose the most durable materials and energy-efficient motors and drives to design and construct our production lines. Leaving the smallest possible footprint. Talking about our production lines, we always create custom-made solutions, leaving you in charge of the size that matters to you. Our unique vertical designs turn even the smallest production sites into areas with great facilities. Take the TFT-RotoCompact aerator that combines a tiny footprint with giant capacity, without losing sight of demands for practicality, maintenance and reproducible constant quality. The best of both worlds rolled up in compact solutions.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the same goes for the delicious products created with a bit of help from TFT. Look, feel, smell and of course taste must always be on par in order to wow your customers with your latest sweet delights. Luckily, we’ve got just the facilities to help you find the perfect formula. Over and over again. Welcome to our Innovation Lab. Our lab, your latest concepts All types of mixers, crystallizers, aerators, cookers, depositors and extruders are at your service at our Innovation Lab. Next to excellent equipment, our experienced lab team of confectionery and bakery experts is very keen to share its knowledge and help you create your latest winning concept or recipe. Try out new flavours, compositions and shapes, and raise the bar. Throughout the process, from initial idea and development to final product, our dedicated crew of food technologists is there to help you. Even if you have zero experience in food technology, our experts lead you through the entire process, resulting in the finest products. Does your staff need additional training, do you want to put new machines or even complete factory lines to the test? You are more than welcome! And rest assured: every discovery and development made at our Innovation Lab is classified. Your innovations remain yours and yours alone.

Service and support that last TFT not only loves to help you create the tastiest sweet and savoury products, we also want to create the best experience for you. With great service and support we ensure your equipment always runs in optimal condition. Today, tomorrow and far beyond. Next to on demand technical assistance, TFT provides its customers with a wide range of after-sales services, varying from inspection and maintenance advice to modifications in order to meet new operation standards or new recipes. Also, our advanced software allows us to dial into the equipment at your site. In case of a technical issue, this allows us to quickly offer you the best assistance and solution. That’s just part of our relentless service.

Global expertise, local experts Based in the Netherlands, TFT globally teams up with the of the best agents to assist you in your specific demands. Only highly qualified and experienced agents that speak language and understand your customs, serve as extensions our expertise. Together, we are determined to always bring ou the best solution possible. e s. k nsions TFT headquarters The Netherlands T headqua

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss all the tasty opportunities! Please visit tanisfoodtec.com/agents for an up-to-date overview of all our agents or contact our headquarters: Tanis Food Tec B.V. P.O. Box 87 8200 AB Lelystad The Netherlands www.tanisfoodtec.com Does it taste like more?

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