matters There, we said it: at TFT, we truly believe that dimensions are crucial. We like big opportunities and even bigger success, but we also want to leave the smallest possible footprint. On the global scale of environmental impact, and on the local scale of the sizes of the machinery on the work floor. So, we simply combine them. Of course, we take our responsibility when it comes to waste and water management. For instance, wherever possible, we make conscious and efficient use of raw materials. Our smart Clean-In-Place system for cleaning our purifying water enables us to use as little as possible cleaning agents, while reusing this water as often as possible. And we always choose the most durable materials and energy-efficient motors and drives to design and construct our production lines. Leaving the smallest possible footprint. Talking about our production lines, we always create custom-made solutions, leaving you in charge of the size that matters to you. Our unique vertical designs turn even the smallest production sites into areas with great facilities. Take the TFT-RotoCompact aerator that combines a tiny footprint with giant capacity, without losing sight of demands for practicality, maintenance and reproducible constant quality. The best of both worlds rolled up in compact solutions.

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