017 [ INFORMING ] THE100 MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN THE EYEWEAR INDUSTRY In the last few decades the optical industry has changed dramatically. The entrance of discounting chains, the overflow of fashion brands which used eyewear as their milking cow and the decrease in quality on one hand and innovations and an increase in advertising and media coverage on the other hand challenged everyone involved in this business. We apologize for being subjective. This list indeed is our interpretation. In case you feel ignored, don’t hesitate to tell us and please keep us updated about your contributions to this industry. We will renew this list again and again and are always eager to meet new players. 001 Ranking the players in this game is not an easy job. Of course it is easy to detect the mayor players like Luxottica and Essilor. But it was Silhouette which introduced the best sold glasses of the century and David’s like Ralph Anderl, Mr. Cutler and Mr. Gross, Sheila Vance and the Mykita guys continue to fight Goliath and in fact today they seem more successful as ever before. For us, all 100 people on this list are important whether ranked first or last. Together they drive this industry, all playing their own part. In fact, they can’t do without another. Leonardo del Vecchio founded Luxottica in 1961. Today the company has a worldwide sales of more as 5 billion euro, a wholesale division with housebrands like Ray-Ban and Persol, a portfolio of licenses including Prada, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana and more as 6.000 own stores worldwide including famous retail concepts like Sunglass Hut. Leonardo del Vecchio is a league of his own and really the only option to be ranked 1 in this overview.

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