027 061 Christian Roth and Eric Domège first met in New York in 1983. In 1984 they founded Optical Affairs which they sold to Charmant in 1997. This year the Christian Roth and Eric Domège brand celebrates its 25 anniversary with some great remakes and a few brand new designs. [ INFORMING ] 063 Ralph Anderl founded ic!berlin in 1997 and instantly shocked the industry with his designs and performances. Always rebellious, never in line with what you expect, the man and the company again and again surprised with unmatched fair presentations and cutting-edge cooperations with other designers. 064 This year Graham Cutler and Tony Gross celebrate the 40th anniversary of their company. Adored by celebrities, fashion addicts and those who love eyewear design, the two always stayed true to their own roots. Their style is legendary as well as the uncompromised quality of the collection. 066 Larry Sands, Troy Schmidt and Cosmas Lykos are partners in the wholesale operations of the Optical Shop of Aspen. In 2004 Sands and Schmidt sold their retail activities to Oakley to concentrate on the development of their luxury brands Chrome Hearts and Blinde. In 2008, Cosmas Lykos, former Vice-President Business Development of Oakley joined them and together they are determined to become the outstanding reference in luxury eyewear worldwide. 061 061 [ THE E YEWEAR ISSUE 2009 ]

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