ELF MOTO 4T MAX MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE HIGH COMBUSTION SPEED Elf perfo 105 OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE HIGH OXYGEN CONTENT HIGHEST OCTANE NUMBER OXYGEN CONTENT 2,6% m/m RON 100,0 MON 88,0 ELF MOTO 4S GP is directly based on ELF's expertise in MotoGPTM and offers maximum performance within the limits of FIM regulation. Its specific olefin content gives a very high combustion speed that is particularly efficient at high rpm. APPLICATION : Circuit, Motocross, MotoGP, MXGP, WSBK... Regularly wins WSBK and MX races OXYGEN CONTENT 16,5% m/m RON >110,0 MON >97,0 AKI 105,0 ELF PERFO 105 is the fuel designed to provide the maximum octane number reachable for an unleaded racing fuel. Unfettered by technical regulations, it has been developed without any compromise. The performance results are spectacular for a large range of heavy loaded engines (up to 10% measured against competitors' unleaded fuel). ELF PERFO 105 has particularly high octane numbers (RON>110) and oxygen compound content, which require specific mapping and increased injection flow rate. This fuel is much appreciated in the Drag racing community. APPLICATION : Rally, Hill climb, Drag racing... Tel: 0478-501960 WWW.VANDIJCKMX.NL

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