10 DESIGNING OUTDOOR SPACES Fitting out the playground When a playground has to be fitted out, there are some important decisions to be made. Which functions do you want the playground to support? There are many options, and the right composition and choice of equipment can ensure a combination of several functions: • climbing • balance • motor skills • inclusion • training • sensory play • sand and water play • exercise • quiet areas Planting and terrain In the area where the playground should be placed, you can also consider changing the terrain. Most often, you will have excess soil that can easily be used for embankments and hills, which the children will enjoy. Zones and rooms in the space With sun shades, awnings, hammocks, sensory gardens and sensory elements, different zones and rooms can be created at the playground. Planting or hedges and palisades can also help encircle the playground and create rooms in the outdoor space. The playground equipment and solutions for institutions, nurseries, schools, housing associations, public spaces and parks. Our equipment is suitable for all ages – so both kids and adults can find something challenging. There are many application and combination options when using equipment from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS. For example, the motor skills courses can be used for motor sensory stimulation, as an obstacle course during gym class or as a training and exercise course for adults. The playground equipment is designed with the aim of creating many different possibilities for using the equipment and initiating play.

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