CERTIFICATIONS AND MARKINGS 11 Equipment from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is designed so that, as a minimum, it is in compliance with the requirements for a safe playground as stipulated in EN 1176. When you buy a playground from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS, you get a sustainable playground of the highest quality and made of the best materials. Our natural playgrounds are made primarily of Robinia wood combined with high-quality steel. We have made it easy and manageable for you to understand our products and solutions. Each product is specified with the associated certification and characteristics. The majority of our equipment is TÜVcertified. FSC® certification spans all products. Below is an introduction to the certifications and markings that you can find under the products. TÜV (Süd Product Service) is the leader in Europe within testing and certification of playground equipment in accordance with (European standard) EN 1176. A TÜV certificate is therefore your assurance that the playground equipment is made in accordance with applicable standards. All products with a product certificate from TÜV are pre-drilled with SMART ROBINIA®. In “certificate explorer” at www.tuev.sued.de you can see whether your supplier is certified. You will find the SMART ROBINIA® brand next to the equipment made using NORNA PLAYGROUNDS’ unique pre-drilled system. This brand is your guarantee for a high level of safety, easy installation, etc. Apart from ensuring correct and secure mounting, SMART ROBINIA® minimises the time required to handle the equipment during installation. We have created the NORNA 100 symbol so that it is easy to find playground equipment where the fall height does not exceed 1 metre. The advantage with these products is that you typically do not need any protective surfaces other than well-established grass. The playground equipment with the NORNA 100 mark is therefore easier and cheaper to install. NORNA PLAYGROUND only uses FSC®-marked wood for its production of our playground equipment. FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international marking scheme that documents that marked products originate from forest areas that are used sustainably. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS only uses FSC®-certified wood for our production. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is also FSC®-certified as a factory. Our sun shades are UV-certified by an accredited testing organisation, in accordance with the UV / 801 standard. UV 801 is an internationally-recognised mark for coatings and fabrics, which indicates the sunlight protection level. The marking takes the use of the fabric into account. The number specifies the sun protection factor, UPF. This certificate is your assurance that you get thoroughly-tested quality products with documented protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

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