NORNA BASIC HAMMOCKS AND SPECIAL NEEDS 49 Balance and a good atmosphere Hammocks are always a popular element on the playground. Hammocks are used for various purposes. If you want to create an area for relaxation, togetherness and cosiness, the hammock systems are very popular. Perhaps you would also like a tumbling area, perfect for more energetic play. Here, it is a good idea to install a few hammocks with some distance between them, so there is room for playing. The extremely strong and durable Taifun hammock (LE20914) is a common choice for playgrounds at schools. When used in playgrounds, hammocks provide a nice interplay with the other equipment and offer a scalable experience. An easy way to create zones that are suitable for different purposes. A8030 T8728 H5042 LE20914 Sand tables for wheelchair users T8728

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