SMART ROBINIA® SMART PACKING 5 SMART PACKING When you receive a playground solution from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS, you will get a delivery that is considerate towards you and the environment. The way we pack and deliver our equipment makes everything easy and sustainable. • The shipment is split up and packed in smaller units. This allows us to deliver the products to otherwise inaccessible places. • The playgrounds can be shipped as ordinary goods and sent together with other products. More in the vehicle – better for the environment. • Each individual product is clearly marked with steel band. This makes it easy to spread out the equipment at the location and thus get a good overview before installation. • We have reduced the amount of plastic and packaging that is used. Taming the “wild” Robinia wood – with one of the world’s hardest wood cores – requires knowledge, will and a smart system. Welcome to SMART ROBINIA®, which offers many advantages: NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is the only company in the world to develop a modular pre-drilled system for Robinia wood. We call it SMART ROBINIA® NORNA PLAYGROUNDS provides safety and security for our distributors. With SMART ROBINIA®, we have developed a unique, modular pre-drilled system for Robinia wood. Among other things, this ensures that our distributors and installers can easily and correctly install our equipment. All products with a product certificate from TÜV are pre-drilled with SMART ROBINIA®. Apart from ensuring correct and secure mounting, the time required to drill the equipment in place is reduced. READ MORE ABOUT SMART ROBINIA® IN THE FOLDER. At NORNA PLAYGROUNDS we are known as the crack team

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