6 MATERIALS DID YOU KNOW THAT: Robinia comes with its own natural defence that ensures excellent resistance to rotting and mould. It is therefore possible to entirely avoid using toxic treatment. Steel, brackets and screws We primarily use highquality stainless steel for our brackets and large steel components, e.g. slides, firepoles and brackets for swings and aerial ropeways. To a lesser extent we also use galvanised components. The quality of the screws are A2 or a corresponding standard. The best warranties We offer some of the industry’s best warranties. We can do this because we only produce playground equipment of the best quality. Among other things, NORNA PLAYGROUNDS offers 15 years’ warranty against degradation due rotting and mould for Robinia wood. The ropes We use Taifun rope/ wires, which are a very wear-resistant product. It consists of a steel core encased in nylon. Choose a sustainable wood Long lifetime Playground equipment from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS is developed with extreme care and using sustainable materials, which means it can have a very long lifetime. NORNA PLAYGROUNDS primarily uses Robinia wood for its equipment. In addition, we also use Douglas and Siberian larch. These types of wood are generally delivered untreated. If you would like a colour applied to the equipment, our standard is a chestnut-coloured waterbased treatment. Many types of wood have a limited lifetime upon contact with soil. This is where Robinia wood is different by having a lifetime of up to 32 years upon contact with soil. Figure 1 shows the lifetimes of the different wood types upon contact with soil.

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