52 SUN SHADES AND SYSTEMS NORNA PLAYGROUNDS has a large selection consisting of numerous different sun shade solutions NORNA PLAYGROUNDS keeps a large number of standard sizes of sun shades in stock. This means that we can ship sun shades to you from one day to the next. Sun shades from NORNA PLAYGROUNDS are made of two different types of material: Polyester – 99% Water tight 200 gr/m2 Polyester sun shades come in an off-white colour. The polyester sun shade is closely woven and treated to ensure minimal penetration of the sun’s UV rays. This, of course, gives the added advantage that you can sit outside longer and enjoy the weather without being affected by UV rays. • The shade is 99% watertight and must therefore always be installed with a slight slant to ensure that the water can drain off. • The polyester sun shade is certified to UV801 and has achieved UPF 80+. This means that the sun shade protects against 98% of the dangerous UV rays. Best seller HDPE - Knotted sun shades: 320 gr / sq m– very durable HDPE sun shades are also known as Australian sun shades. This is because this type of sun shade was first used in the harsh climate of Australia, and the qualities of the HDPE sun shade were adapted to suit this environment. • The HDPE sun shade is made of a knotted material, which means that large amounts of water will drip through the sun shade. • Smaller quantities of water will however drain off the shade, so remember to install it with a slight slant. The HDPE shades are certified to UV-801 and have achieved UPF 10+. This means that the sun shade protects against 90% of the dangerous UV rays. Sun shade POLYESTER Sun shade HPDE

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