SUN SHADES AND SYSTEMS 53 Many sun shades allow you to set up modular shade areas where the shades can easily be regulated. They are fast and easy to set up and remove. When a sun shade is ordered with - i = inclusive: the bracket set is included for mounting. (includes rope clamps, screws, eyebolts and cords). A safe choice It is now generally well-known that the sun's rays are not exclusively a positive thing. Particularly around noon, children need to seek shade - even in the playground. Our sun shades are tested and certified by an accredited testing organisation to comply with the new international UV-801 standard. Sun shades allow you to provide sun shading wherever the children are playing. In addition, it is a flexible solution because the sun shades can easily be moved around when required. N9030 S4244 -i S4246-i S4226-i S4244-i S4246-i S4226-i T8722-1

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