Inclusive Design Within the Big City Plus range we have designed and developed three inclusive units with brand new features and systems that have never been seen before on Playdale equipment. These units were designed in collaboration with The Bendrigg Trust; a leading charity that provides a wide range of adventure activities for disabled and disadvantaged people. Each unit has a variety of access points, to cater for a wide range of abilities and also to ensure there are ample exit points when needed. The overall flow, design and fully inclusive detail throughout means that users can complete and enjoy the full course of the unit from beginning to end, whilst being as independent as possible. This is made possible with the new transfer platforms to use the slides and additional handles at every turn. Mexico City Plus BC/MEX Melbourne Plus BC/MEL 5-12 years x29 8.7m x 7.8m x 2.3m 12.5m x 11.4m x 4.8m 1.1m x30 23h / 2 Spin Ball Play Panel Bubble Panel 5-12 years x43 9.4m x 7.8m x 2.3m 12.9m x 11.4m x 4.8m 1.1m x70 91.5h / 2 116 Junior Play

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