Jungle Climbers Inspired by the traditional activity of climbing trees, Jungle Climbers promote climbing and agility whilst being challenging and daring. This range encourages unstructured play, with no clear entry or exit points and no obvious routes throughout the frame. There are five configurations available that all sit well in a natural environment. Ituri JC/ITU/S Burundi JC/BUR/S Borneo JC/BOR/S 8-14 years 7.6m x 3.7m x 3.0m 11.9m x 9.0m x 5.4m 3.0m x5 x15 10h / 2 8-14 years 3.7m x 5.0m x 2.9m 8.6m x 10.0m x 5.3m 2.9m x5 x10 8.0h / 2 8-14 years 5.0m x 6.8m x 2.9m 10.0m x 11.1m x 5.3m 2.9m Congo JC/CON/S x5 x18 10h / 2 Congo 8-14 years 6.8m x 7.6m x 3.0m 11.6m x 11.9m x 5.4m 3.0m 120 Junior Play x5 x16 18h / 2

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