i.play IP/2 Playdale’s Intelligent, Electronic Play System i.play is the first electronic outdoor playground unit that has revolutionised the industry. It combines interactive electronics with conventional playground equipment. Anyone aged 8+ can play as the unit intelligently adjusts according to children’s performance. 8 - Adult 4.4m x 2.6m x 2.9m (not incl. solar panel) 6.7m x 5.8m x 6.4m (not incl. solar panel) n/a x4 1-6 6.0h / 3 Each i.play unit features NINE games where players will find themselves lunging, bending, twisting, reaching and running! FOUR of these games are inclusive as they are played at low level only, so all abilities can enjoy these games together! 1 Health & Fitness 36

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