Why choose i.play? Nearly a third of children aged two to fifteen are currently overweight or obese. With increasingly growing concerns over childhood obesity issues it is more important than ever to get children active. Physical activity has never had such a high profile. Physical inactivity costs health services around the world billions each year. Our visionary, revolutionary and healthy i.play system represents a significant breakthrough in children’s play. It was created to break the vicious cycle of sedentary behaviour resulting in rising childhood obesity. We wanted to make physical activity exciting and fun to make children WANT to get active…and we did just that! Research & Development The i.play system was designed in conjunction with a leading sports and health research company, Progressive Sports Technologies (PST). Together we carried out detailed research and development including statistical analysis, market research & questionnaires, mind mapping sessions and prototype testing. PST conducted ergonomic analysis to ensure that the activity switches were positioned to target specific muscle groups of a wide range of children including wheelchair users. Techniques including monitoring heart rate, analysing game data and reviewing user questionnaires were used to collect children’s perceptions and performance data. www.playdale.com 137

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