Facts and stats! Some of the findings below of our own extensive research demonstrate why i.play helps to combat childhood obesity: • 185m covered per child in an average game of i.play. • A child weighing 45 kg will expend approximately 30 Kcals during a single game on i.play. • 86% of children involved in the experimental process thought the i.play was ‘definitely better’ than existing playground equipment. • On average a child’s heart rate can reach 80% of their theoretical maximum during a game of i.play. Energy expenditure comparison* Activity Running 12 kph Squash Running 10 kph i.play Football Basketball Running 8 kph Swimming (front crawl) Tennis Cycling 15 kph Walking 6 kph Dance Dance Revolution Sitting (complete rest) kcal per 5min 50 48 43 43 41 39 36 28 25 23 17 16 5 *representative of a child with a body mass of 45 kg Dr Phil Hodgkins, Research and Design Engineer of Progressive Sports Technologies Ltd conducts portable gas analysis testing on a participant allowing energy expenditure to be calculated. 1 Health & Fitness 38

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