Slides & Embankment Equipment We recommend that measurements of your mound or slope should be taken before a decision is made to install any embankment equipment. The angle of the slope must be 35° and the mound must be properly settled. Always take this into consideration when planning for installation of an embankment slide. Contact Playdale for more information on 015395 31561. Embankment Plastic Tube Slide EPTS Embankment Stainless Steel Tube Slide ESTS Freestanding Slides SEE BELOW 3 - 12 years x1 x3 3 - 12 years x1 Embankment Slide ESL x3 1.15m Slide Recommended Minimum Space: 6.8m x 4.7m x 3.4m Free height of fall: 1.15m 1.5m Slide Recommended Minimum Space: 8.2m x 5.4m x 3.8m Free height of fall: 1.5m 1.85m Slide Recommended Minimum Space: 7.9m x 5.0m x 4.1m Free height of fall: 1.85m Embankment Wide Slide ESWS 3-12 years x2 x5 3 - 12 years x1 x3 3 - 12 years x1 Embankment Rope Ramp EMR x3 Embankment Wide Slide Embankment Steps & Handrail Embankment Steps & Handrail EMS Embankment Scramble Net EMSN 3 - 12 years x1 x3 18 months - Adult x1 x4 6 - 12 years x3 x8 www.playdale.com 23

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