Tunnels & Mounds We can also create mounds with tunnels running through them which offers additional play value by creating a sense of adventure and exploration. Our tunnels are made of polyethelyne (PE), are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and are also tested to BSEN 1176 Snake Tunnel UT/31X 18 months - 14 years 3.0m x 3.1m x 1.1m 6.6m x 8.6m x 3.6m 1.1m Bubble Tunnel UT/41X x3 x8 4.0h / 2 18 months - 14 years 3.4m x 3.1m x 1.1m 7.0m x 8.6m x 3.6m 1.1m U-Tube Tunnel UT/61X x3 x8 4.0h / 2 Mini Tunnel UT/11X Straight Tunnel UT/21X 18 months - 14 years 3.9m x 3.5m x 1.1m 7.8m x 7.1m x 3.6m 1.1m x3 x10 4.0h / 2 18 months - 14 years 3.0m x 3.1m x 1.4m 6.6m x 8.6m x 3.9m 1.1m Play Mound MOU/12 x2 x6 4.0h / 2 18 months - 14 years 1.7m x 5.2m x 1.1m 7.7m x 10.3m x 3.6m 1.1m x2 x6 4.0h / 2 6 - 14 years 8.4m x 3.6m x 1.2m 10.2m x 8.4m x 2.8m 1.05m x7 x30 9.0h / 3 Play Mound Adventure Mound MOU/11 Adventure Mound 6 - 14 years 9.3m x 4.5m x 1.45m 11.1m x 7.3m x 2.8m 1.05m 70 Themed and Role Play x7 x40 12.0h / 3

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