POLYURETHANE QUALITIES Xonnoz PU belts are made by using a single unit construction through a unique process called synchronous casting. This process saturates and penetrates the fabric with polyurethane, eliminating separated plies and significantly improving belt function and life span. A wide range of durometers and belt tension ratings are available. THE FOLLOWING QUALITIES CAN BE SUPPLIED: FOOD GRADE A full line to meet food requirements, approved for direct contact with meat and poultry. Its cover is resistant to abrasion, oil, grease and many cleaning solutions. Kevlar cords can be embedded. INDUSTRIAL GRADE – LOW TO MEDIUM TENSION A full line of conveyor belts reinforced with kevlar cords or a solid woven carcass. The saturated carcass enhances its reliability and keeps the friction coefficient low on its bottom side. The 85 durometer polyurethane cover provides excellent resistance to abrasion, oil, grease and cleaning solutions. INDUSTRIAL GRADE – HEAVY DUTY A full line of heavy duty conveyor belt constructions reinforced with an all polyester solid woven carcass and tension ratings between 27 and 35 N/mm. The 95 durometer polyurethane cover formulation provides the ultimate in cut resistance, while the 85 durometer has excellent abrasion resistance. The 75 durometer provides improved impact resistance. The 65 durometer has the highest coefficient of friction, while providing excellent wear resistance. www.xonnoz.com | 7

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