Summary We are Eindhoven365. Since our foundation in 2012 the formal city marketing organization for the city of Eindhoven. We believe in Eindhoven. What we are trying to say is that we think that this city will play an important role on the current and future international stage for creative innovation. Eindhoven is the city of Technology, Design and Knowledge, but is most especially a city where these are combined. It is the crossovers that invest Eindhoven with its energetic dynamic. Few cities in the world have such well-developed left and right ecosystem hemispheres. It is up to Eindhoven365 to publicize this ‘unfair advantage’ nationally and internationally and, above all, make it recognizable. Choose, and be chosen Eindhoven is a city with focus. The corresponding philosophy, on which the Eindhoven city marketing strategy is based, is known as ‘choose, and be chosen’. This means that hard decisions have to be taken in target groups and activities. More so because Eindhoven is the city of creative innovation, we want to attract the target groups that feel attracted to that. Bright Talent. An international target group that comes to Eindhoven, because they consider it to be the ideal place for achieving their dreams. They exist in the boundary between technology and design and seek out new opportunities here. Tech Starter. This target group sees Eindhoven as the ideal place for marketing innovative products with a disruptive and sustainable value. They are often strongwilled perfectionists, who possess just the right balance of technology mind set and business skills. City Explorer. As Early Adopters they seek inspiration and, in turn, infl uence their own (online) followers. The City Explorers also function as ambassadors for the city, while at the same time generating economic value for the city through spending money. 110 EHV365 2015

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