TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Wim Dries Who we are/What we do Activities in the spotlight Activities in the spotlight pre-corona BlueConnect with Paul Van Den Bosch Innovation camp with UCLL in Genk Pre-events Hack4Health Corona Activities in the spotlight during corona Livestreams Online speeddate Online Innovation camps - The blue banana - Making Healthcare great again - Innovation camp with Odisee H-impact 02 03-04 05-26 06-10 06-07 08 09-10 11-12 13-26 13-14 15-16 17-19 17 18 19 20 Business Models at Orsi UGent Doctoral Schools Innovative solutions for corona Fairs 21 22 22 - The 5th Conference on Digital Health - Inspire Health & Care Health RampUp BlueHealth Innovation Fund - HippoCreates - Soulcenter - Abelcare - Nutrinomics BHIC-Team Financials Partners Start-up landscape 23-26 23-24 25-26 27-30 31-35 32 33 34 35 36-37 38 39-40 41

PREFACE It’s probably the understatement of the year when I say that 2020 has not become what we expected it to be. It became the year of care, of caring for each other, of taking care of ourselves, of applauding care professionals... In the meantime, the applause has faded, as has the pressure on our healthcare institutions. But that doesn’t mean the pandemic is gone... So, at the beginning of this annual report, allow me to thank everyone who worked in healthcare over the past year, no matter how small or how big the contribution was and is, for the commitment, the courage to guide us through this. 2020 was also the year to adapt, to be flexible within the circumstances that we could not change. We had to go through it together and especially look at what was possible. As chairman, I am therefore proud to look back on how we as BlueHealth Innovation Center were able to respond quickly to the situation with things like the Online Essentials or digital innovation days. It wasn’t perfect, and not always easy, but we went for it, to accomplish our mission online as well. 2020 was also clearly the year of the digital breakthrough in healthcare, not because we could, but because we had to. Many new possibilities were created, partly by the government, but mainly by the people themselves. We saw an increase of more than 60% in the number of people who contacted us to get guidance in converting their idea into a digital enterprise. And a big part of that were people from the caresector, who saw how things could be done differently, how it could be made better. Because that is what we want to go for, so that all this has not been for nothing, but the start of a bright digital future for our entire healthcare sector. We wish you lots of pleasure reading this report! With grateful greetings, Wim Dries Chairman of the Board of Directors BHIC vzw 02

WHO WE ARE WHAT WE DO “We helpen je bij de eerste stappen naar ondernemerschap.” Get to know us through this short video! https://youtu.be/SJpgWQ2ufn8 03

2020 04


ACTIVITIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT PRE CORONA BLUECONNECT WITH PAUL VAN DEN BOSCH IN ANTWERP BlueConnect with Paul Van Den Bosch on February 10 in StartupVillage Antwerp with 75 attendees “Your body is a cart with 2 wheels, one mental wheel and one physical wheel. And if one of the two wheels is broken, the cart will no longer drive.” dixit top sports coach and author Paul Van Den Bosch during his keynote on our first BlueConnect of 2020 in StartupVillage Antwerp. It was an exciting evening, filled with tips to become an Egopreneur. A strong and resilient ‘I’. 06

“Self-care should be the common thread throughout everyone’s life.” -Paul Van Den Bosch https://youtu.be/MIele0AVuhE 07

INNOVATION STATION WITH UCLL IN GENK In February we organized an innovation camp in C-mine Crib with students from UCLL Diepenbeek and students from Wallonia. They were given a day to search for new solutions for people with dementia and their environment. Once again we were amazed by the innovative ideas that young people come up with in such a short time. Top performance! 08

PRE-EVENTS HACK4HEALTH “We were all set to pop and then...” We were all set. 2020 would be the year of our hackathon! Hack4Health was scheduled during the weekend of March 13 to 15 – our hackathon in Flanders Expo Ghent where students and professionals would have the opportunity to redesign our healthcare system. In February we organized several pre-events at our three locations to explain the set-up and give more info about the challenges in order to get everyone excited, which also worked out nicely. All preparations had been made to perfection. A beautiful hall in Flanders Expo was fully prepared, catering had been ordered (more than enough pizza), accommodation arranged, coaches and experts gathered, ... With all our participants we would make it a fantastic and innovative weekend. And then disaster struck. First doubt and then it was clear. Hack4Health had to be postponed due to Covid-19. 09

We did not give up and Hack4Health will now take place from October 22 to 24, 2021. 22-24/10/2021 Are you interested in participating? Learn all about Hack4Health here: https://www.hack4health.be/ 10

COVID19 ● ● ● ● ● ● 11 Number of applications for Health RampUp doubled in 2020 compared to 2019 In 2020 we coached 61 new start-ups, in 2019 there were 38 Processes & ideas that had been in the pipeline for some time, such as teleconsultation, have been accelerated due to Covid-19 (Source: Alexander Olbrechts, Business Group Leader HealthTech Agoria) 7% more companies were founded in Flanders between January and November 2020 compared to the same period in 2019 (Source: Bloovi) In Flanders, Limburg experienced the largest growth in the number of new starters (Source: De Standaard) We saw a more than 60% increase in the number of people reaching out for guidance in turning their idea into a digital business.

Thanks to everyone who cares! 12

ACTIVITIES IN THE SPOTLIGHT DURING CORONA LIVESTREAMS Corona has - as with everyone - undermined the entire functioning. But like a resilient start-up – agile and flexible – we also pivoted our program to a fully online offer in a short period of time. We have replaced the physical start-up essentials with online essentials. Every month, an expert explains his or her field for one hour, always with a HealthTech approach. These livestreams have been very positively received and The first livestream on April 2 with Tom Braekeleirs about online pitching. Matthias Browaeys on the financing mix remain a fixed value in our program. After all, with these livestreams we can reach a large group of interested parties in a short period of time. 13

LIVESTREAMS ON DEMAND Sharpening knowledge from your seat. We offer all our livestreams on demand on BlueHealthU. You can view it whenever you want. https://www.bluehealthu.care/on-demand 14

ONLINE SPEEDDATE We digitized our annual speed date and collaborated with the Conversation Starter platform. Our BHIC partners and startups had short 14-minute conversations to bounce off ideas, ask for feedback and plan follow-up meetings. With a snack and a drink on the side, these meetings went even more smoothly. With 75 participants and 210 meetings planned, this was a successful online edition of our speed date. 15


INNOVATION STATION GOES VIRTUAL During an Innovation Station you are given 12 hours to explore a new concept and business model, based on a specific challenge. Bringing this type of event online was not easy, but we managed to do it. With the help of the right online tools, we were able to develop a high-quality and dynamic program. In 2020, we had the opportunity to organize three such online Innovation Stations: THE BLUE BANANA “In search of the Blue Banana” was an innovation workshop during which students could discover and sharpen their innovation skills. This event was jointly organized by UAntwerpen, TAKEOFFANTWERP, City of Antwerp, and we received Flemish and European support. Challenge: Coming up with ideas to stay well mentally during times of loneliness. 17

MAKING HEALTHCARE GREAT AGAIN “Making healthcare great again” was our online teaser for Hack4Health. Students and professionals worked together in various teams to come up with ideas and concepts to better organize our healthcare system. All of this was triggered by the pain points that Covid-19 had brought to the surface. How can it be done differently? The participants started working on this challenge for an entire day online with great enthusiasm. 18

INNOVATION WORKSHOP WITH UNIVERSITY COLLEGE ODISEE At the end of December, we had the opportunity to organize another online Innovation Station for more than 70 students from Odisee University College. Brainstorming together, working in interdisciplinary teams, coming up with solutions and pitching in front of a jury. Students learn a great deal during such an event, and we enjoy guiding young people through their innovative thought processes. Photo: These five students have come up with a buddy system for residential care facilities. 19

H-IMPACT Maarten Van Gorp during the H-impact kick-off event. For the 2nd year in a row, we joined forces with Ghent University and EIT Health to develop an international training program on healthcare innovation. H-impact gave participants from all over Europe the opportunity to work together on tangible problems from the healthcare sector during a period of 12 weeks. The program focused on learning the skills and knowledge that are necessary to go from a specific problem to an innovative solution. This year, Roche Diagnostics, Erasmus Medical Center and University of Luxembourg also joined as partners. The H-impact program concluded with a stellar digital closing event, where we welcomed numerous interesting speakers and more than 400 unique viewers. You can check out the closing event and all projects that were conceived during H-impact here: www.h-impact.be 20

WORKSHOP BUSINESS MODELS BIJ ORSI ACADEMY In October, we gave another session on Business models in healthcare for start-ups at Orsi Academy in Ghent, a training center for new technologies in healthcare. “Behind every good idea lies an even better business model. If not, your idea risks being doomed because it is not viable.” Tom Braekeleirs shared this insight and much more with starting entrepreneurs. Behind every good idea lies an even better business model dixit Tom Braekeleirs “The importance of a good business model cannot be overstated.” 21

UGENT DOCTORAL SCHOOLS HEALTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRACK The UGent Doctoral Schools Health Entrepreneurship Track was a tailor-made program for researchers within the Life Sciences & Medicine department of Ghent University. During a period of 6 weeks, eight researchers used numerous tools and methods to translate their academic research into social impact, while exploring a preliminary business model. We were happy to support this program. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR COVID-19 The City of Antwerp launched two calls for smart solutions around the issues raised by the corona crisis in 2020. Out of a large number of submissions, the jury - including our regional manager for Antwerp Kim Luyckx - selected a handful of companies with an innovative solution. During the first call, no less than 7 of the 8 selected companies submitted a solution for the healthcare sector. The winners were Bingli, Greygin, Zipster, Helpper, Robovision, Spikes, UZA-Fibricheck and Artists Unlimited vzw. These 8 projects received financial support. Copyright: Wim Hadermann “The city had confidence in our start-up. I found that very special” dixit Stijn Coolbrandt, co-founder of Zipster. Zipster was one of 8 projects that received financial support from the City of Antwerp. During the second call in September, Byteflies was among the winners with their online monitoring system CovidCare@Home, which can be used to follow up hospital patients at home. Watch the report of Kanaal Z here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-GeR2gyGyI 22

ONLINE CONFERENCES CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE IN 2020 THE 5TH CONFERENCE ON DIGITAL HEALTH INSPIRE HEALTH & CARE INVESTOR PITCHES FOR THE 5TH CONFERENCE START-UP TRACK On Thursday, October 22, the third edition of The 5th Conference took place. As a strategic partner, we helped deliver a strong program with 32 speakers and several tracks that highlighted the importance of digital transformation in healthcare. For the start-up track of The 5th Conference, we had the opportunity to organize the investor pitches. Ten start-ups presented their innovative solutions to ten investors. Alderman Claude Marinower announced the winner during the online conference and the honor went to Abelcare. Congratulations to Ella Ameye and team! 23

Andrey Khmelevskiy and Anna Kostikova from Asylia Diagnostics pitch their solution during the start-up track. 24

PERSONALIZATION IN HEALTHCARE AT INSPIRE HEALTH & CARE Together with imec.istart, we organized a partner session on personalization in healthcare during Inspire Health & Care. This event was a joint initiative between in4care, Health & Care and Probis, with strong testimonials from Lynn Coorevits, imec, Tom Van de Putte, Bingli and Dimitri De Rooze, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen. They exchanged knowledge on how they approach personalized healthcare and which technologies are used to achieve this. “Keep care accessible and of high quality by personalizing it” With more than 80 viewers, our partner session was one of the most watched livestreams on Inspire Health & Care, partly due to the prior advertising done by our regional manager Frederik. 25

Frederik Horemans in the in4care studio for the introduction of our partner session at Inspire Health & Care. We are social: 2.341 1.634 5.644 2.132 258 26

HEALTH RAMPUP Health RampUp is BlueHealth Innovation Center’s start-up coaching program. In 6 months, we prepare HealthTech start-ups to raise their first round of funding. During the open call, which ran over the summer of 2020, we received many high-quality HealthTech business ideas. That’s why we decided to run two cohorts in the fall of 2020, instead of only one. We were able to organize the first sessions in person, but we were then forced to move to online sessions. The participants of the two cohorts successfully graduated in 2021. DURING THE SECOND HALF OF 2020, TWO NEW COHORTS WERE LAUNCHED: COHORT VII 27

Alice Center My Pharmacy COHORT VIII 28

Find out more about the program and coaches here: https://www.bhic.care/nl/HealthRampUp WHAT IS HEALTH RAMPUP? 29


BHIF BLUEHEALTH INNOVATION FUND BlueHealth Innovation Fund has a close collaboration with BlueHealth Innovation Center and imec.istart. The Fund was founded by four BHIC partners – UCB, UZA, Cronos Groep and in4care – and invests in several HealthTech startups each year, each of them in an early stage of development. The selection of these startups is done within the open calls of the imec.istart acceleration program. BHIF has 17 HealthTech investments in its portfolio that have also received support from the imec.istart program. The BHIF portfolio companies are active in various domains. Discover the full portfolio here: https://www.bhic.care/nl/bluehealth-innovation-fund-en-imecistart IN 2020, BHIF INVESTED IN FOUR NEW PORTFOLIO COMPANIES HIPPOCREATES ABELCARE SOULCENTER NUTRINOMICS If you want to know more about the fund, contact kim@bhic.care 31

HIPPOCREATES “ The seasoned advice and tons of experience from BHIC and imec.istart are an added value when starting up and rolling out our activities. “ Senne Gorris, co-founder & CEO HippoCreates HippoCreates developed a medical device that can do a fully automated and highly accurate allergy test. No more annoying and expensive blood tests or manual and labor-intensive skin prick tests. In addition, the system supports the doctor in interpreting the results, which significantly reduces the margin of error. 32

SOULCENTER soul center Soulcenter is an engagement platform for residential care centers designed to bring residents, employees, families and volunteers closer together. Soulcenter focuses on happiness and the personal stories of the residents. “ Sparring partners like BHIC and imec.istart help to think long term. “ Frederik Vincx, founder Soulcenter 33

ABELCARE Abelcare wants to put the patient at the center of the lab testing process. They developed a platform that makes the testing process easy, digital and accessible to everyone. Abelcare offers testing for STD and Covid-19 antibodies. “ BHIC shines most in its role as a matchmaker. “ Ella Ameye, co-founder Abelcare 34

NUTRINOMICS Nutrinomics is a HealthTech company with a mission: to improve the quality of life and reduce symptoms of people with a chronic disease through science, data and nutrition. “ The added value of the BlueHealth Innovation Fund and imec. istart lies in the sector knowledge and the network. And on top of that, they provide hands-on support. “ Stéphanie Roland, co-founder & CEO Nutrinomics 35

BHIC TEAM GET TO KNOW OUR TEAM “Change the world, or go home.” Tom Braekeleirs “Clocks stopped ticking Heroes in white suits Many lives saved.” “You are only as strong as your network.” Kim Luyckx “Be amazing today. But first coffee!” “I have never done it before, so I think I can do it.” 36

From left to right: Maarten, Frederik, Kim, Tom, Ilse. Maarten Van Gorp regional manager Ghent +32 499 77 77 88 maarten@bhic.care Frederik Horemans regional manager Genk +32 479 76 32 51 frederik@bhic.care Kim Luyckx regional manager Antwerp +32 475 26 37 83 kim@bhic.care Tom Braekeleirs director +32 477 72 92 58 tom@bhic.care Ilse Robberechts communication & office manager +32 478 33 86 81 ilse@bhic.care 37


PARTNERS “ NEW STRUCTURAL PARTNER OF BHIC IN 2020 INGRAM MICRO In 2020, Ingram Micro became BHIC’s newest structural partner. As an international software distributor, Ingram Micro is the ideal partner to help our start-ups further. Ingram Micro can support our young entrepreneurs in scaling up their solution technologically, but also in international commercialization. This new collaboration is a 1+1=3. BHIC has the experience and is close to start-ups and Ingram Micro has the market power. “ Fabian van Netten, Business Development Manager at Ingram Micro https://youtu.be/XYjcCndaDoQ 39


HEALTH-TECH START-UP LANDSCAPE BUILD THE BELGIAN HEALTHTECH START-UP MAP WITH US ARE YOU A BELGIAN HEALTHTECH START-UP? DID YOU ALREADY COMPLETE OUR SURVEY? We map the Belgian HealthTech start-up and scale-up landscape to learn from it and improve our coaching and mentoring of starting entrepreneurs. We need your help for this! Are you a Belgian HealthTech start-up? We ask for a few minutes of your time to fill out our survey: https://www.bhic.care/nl/startuplandscape. With your input we can shape our map. Thank you for participating! 41


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