MUNA 2020 party The theme of this year’s 15th MUNA party is Blue Planet! It harmonises with the theme of the conference itself: Worlds apart, one world together. Blue stands for unity. Therefore we would like you to wear something that resembles your country. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the party! — Heads of Party Location: Silverdome on the rocks. Van der Hagenstraat 22, 2722 NT Zoetermeer Date: Thursday February 6 Time: 19:30 - 00:00 Theme: Blue Planet Dresscode: Something representing your country or something blue Everyone will receive an invitation during MUNA. In the invitation you receive a blue wristband. Please put this on as soon as you receive the invitation. By this band we can see that you are participating in MUNA. You need the wristband in order to enter the party. Once you are inside, you are only allowed to go outside when you want to go home or if you are not feeling well. During the party there is a Kissing Contest. There is a small piece of paper in your invitation as well which gives a little more information. 1000 points for SG and CM, 750 points for DSGE, DSGI, PGA and head of Pre-MUN, 500 points for the rest of the staff, 250 points for chairs and a press-team and at last 100 points for admins. 100+ with tongue. HOWEVER, it is very important that people feel comfortable at the party. This means that if someone does NOT want to be kissed you should stop trying!!! *Any use or possession of alcohol, drugs and/ or weapons is strongly prohibited. Guards will be examining everybody at the entrance! 12

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