MUNA 2020 Chairs and issues Chairs • The question of the violation of human right regarding privacy, by the Chinese Committee GA1 GA2 GA3 GA4 SC CC ICJ HC FC Chairs Mohamed Khalil Iris Adriani Eva de Roode Janne Jhinna Tim Visser Hugo Santangelo Isha Moharir Ines Sehli Thijs de Ruijter Annelieve Ruyters Loredana Lutzu Thirze Drabbels Riks Molenaar Erwin Li Redmer Marck Sander de Jong Stan Meijers Sam Beckers Ties van der Linden Thomas van der Voort Issues GA1 (General Assembly 1: disarmament and international security) • The question of a replacement for the INF treaty, taking into consideration the development of nuclear weapons in other countries. • The question of the rising tensions between Saudi-Arabia and Iran, and its effects on peace in the Middle East. • The question of re-opening discussion related to regulations as stated in the Arms Trade Treaty addressing international trade of weapons and arms. GA2 (General Assembly 2: human rights) • The question of the violation of the human rights regarding non-citizens and immigrants in the United States of America. 15 government. • The question of ceasing further child labour in countries on the emerging market economies. GA3 (General Assembly 3: environmental, humanitarian and health issues) • The question of managing international pollution into international waters. • The question of safety regulations due to climate change enhancing natural disasters. • The question of the use of antibiotics, following the rise of antibiotic resistance in the past decades. GA4 (General Assembly 4: special political and decolonisation) • The question of international cooperation in the responsible uses of outer space. • The question of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest causing conflict regarding the displacement of indigenous tribes. • The question of resolving the illegal Israeli settlements in the West bank. SC (Security Council) • The question of resolving the fatal conflict in Yemen and the situation of the Houthi Rebels. • Tensions rising between Iran and Saudi Arabia leading to a third world-war taking place in the Middle East. • The question of finding innovative ways to prevent further spread and development of terrorist group over the globe. ICJ (International Court of Justice) • The recognition of the Armenian Genocide, regarding Turkey and Armenia. • The aerial herbicide spraying, regarding Ecuador and Colombia. • Territorial dispute of the border between Libya and Chad, regarding Libya and Chad. • War crimes committed by the USA during the Vietnamese war, regarding USA and Vietnam.

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