Introduction by SG Dear Delegates, Chairs, MUN-Directors and Guests, In the midst of the preparations for MUNA 2020, I would love to warmly welcome you to the 15th edition of MUNA. We have an incredible staff that has been working very hard and passionately for the last few months on the organisation of this conference, during school but also in their spare time. We cannot wait to welcome everybody to MUNA. I especially like to welcome the National School of Physics and Math from Kazakhstan and Isendoorn from the Netherlands as this is their first time joining the conference. This year’s theme is ‘Worlds apart, one world together’. The idea behind this is that nobody is the same and everyone has their own opinion, own religion and own political views. But does that mean that we cannot live in a pluralistic society where everybody is equal and treated with respect? We at MUNA would love to show you that it IS possible to live together and to talk about our differences. During MUNA there are a lot of people from a different country who all have their own norms and values, therefore I would love to encourage you to start a conversation and talk about your differences and similarities. This will bring us closer together! The charity we are supporting this year during MUNA is a foundation that also has our theme at heart. The WakaWaka Foundation’s mission is to share the sun and improve everyone’s situation on Earth using the sun. This foundation helps locals in developing countries by giving them products for emergency aid. These products are mostly WakaWaka solar products, which are safe, portable, sustainable, and solarbased light sources and power banks. This MUNA I ask you to be inspired by this organisation and to think of how you could help in making this Earth a better place. And please remember that even though you might think that you play only a small part in changing this world, even by taking small steps every day you will get there! I cannot wait to meet you all and I wish everyone a safe trip to our school. Yours sincerely, Xanthe Drabbels Secretary General of MUNA 2020 3

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