MUNA 2020 theme: Worlds apart, one world together Worlds apart, one world together Every MUNA we try to link the conference to a theme. This year we chose the theme ‘Worlds apart, one world together’. The meaning behind these words is simple: everyone is unique and everyone has their own opinion, own religion, and own political views. The question we then have to ask each other and ourselves is: why can we not live in a pluralistic society where everybody is equal and treated with respect? Answering this question is very important because nowadays in the media our differences are exploited, but our similarities are often forgotten. We are all human beings living on Earth. You do not necessarily need to believe in the same norms and values as other people, however you should be able to respect other people and their norms and values. By respecting others you show that being your own individual self is good and being different is not a problem. During MUNA there are a lot of people from different regions, different countries, and different continents who all have their own opinion, own religion, own political views, and own norms and values. We at MUNA love to show you that living together in peace is possible. MUNA is a place for all of us to come together and celebrate our differences and our similarities. On behalf of me and the entire staff of MUNA, I would like to wish you an amazing conference that will offer you new insights, new ambitions, and new inspiration. Not to mention friendships and experiences that will last you a lifetime. I encourage you to start a conversation, talk about your differences but also about your similarities. This will bring us closer together! — Secretary General 4

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