MUNA 2020 charity: WakaWaka The charity we are supporting with MUNA 2020 is the WakaWaka Foundation! WakaWaka raises funds for donation of WakaWaka solar products. WakaWaka helps locals in developing countries by giving them products for emergency aid. The WakaWaka solar products are safe, portable, sustainable, and solar-based light sources and power banks. The donated solar products are considered to be among the most valued non-food items by refugees themselves. The WakaWaka Foundation is an international charity based in the Netherlands. WakaWaka provides people in low-income countries with safe, sustainable, and renewable power and light solutions. Their goal is to make solar solutions available to families who live in extreme poverty, in remote regions, or who are forced to leave their homes because of war, natural disaster, or other reasons. Thanks to consumer purchases and partner donations WakaWaka helps everyone to tap into the sun. From outdoor adventurers and festival-goers to earthquake survivors and rural schools, everyone can enjoy solar products and solar power with the same WakaWaka quality. WakaWaka’s mission is to enable sustainable energy access for all. “We see sustainable energy access as a basic human right. Not a luxury. Not a nice-to-have. Not something for the future; something for now. An obvious pre-condition for development, because access to electrical light and power means access to education, to communication, to income-generating opportunities, to selfbelief, and to a better future.” “The sun is the world’s greatest natural energy resource. It’s abundant, it’s sustainable, and it’s available everywhere. It’s the solution for everyone who needs power but doesn’t have access to electricity. So let’s use it.” If you wish to support the WakaWaka Foundation during MUNA 2020, we would be more than grateful to accept a donation. You can donate cash at the charity stall in the hall. At our charity stall, you can also buy “stroopwafels” and other delicious cookies. Furthermore, we will organise a lottery in which you can win a WakaWaka solar product (= a solar-based light source & power bank worth €69,95,-). You can also participate in the Dutch “game”: lucky dip, in which you will always win a prize! All of the raised money will be donated to the WakaWaka Foundation. At the end of the conference, we will hand over a cheque to the co-founder of the WakaWaka Foundation, Maurits Groen. Let’s show WakaWaka that we care! For more information about the WakaWaka Foundation or to buy their products visit: https://wakawakafoundation.org https://waka-waka.com/en/ — Head of Charity 5

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