Meet the staff Meet the staff: the big brain behind MUNA. Our amazing staff has been working exceptionally hard the last few months to prepare everything for MUNA 2020. Organising this conference was a lot of work and there was a big pressure on our shoulders to succeed as it is MUNA’s 15th anniversary! But we did it; all preparations are finished and we are more than ready for MUNA 2020 to start. Tirsa Los — Deputy Secretary General External (DSGE) — @tirsa_nethanie Nickname: Tirs Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 2 Fun fact: I thought that the D66 (dutch political party) was a highway during the game 30 seconds Relationship status: Haha single Justin & Stan Xanthe & Ties Xanthe Drabbels — Secretary General (SG) & Head Executive of the Conference — @xanthe_drabbels Nickname: Zenti Age: 18 How many MUN(s): 5 Fun fact: I am a twin Relationship status: Single Ties van der Linden — Conference Manager (CM) & Chair — @vdl_ties Nickname: Nick Age: 17 How many MUN(s): 9 Fun fact: I have been in every committee at least once Relationship status: Taken Justin Ros — Head of Special Conference — @jus.192 Nickname: My name is Justin but you can call me Anytime ;) Age: 17 How many MUN(s): 4 Fun fact: ?? Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle Stan Meijers — Head of Special Conference & Chair — @stan_meijers Nickname: Stan the man Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 6 Fun fact: I play the electrical guitar Relationship status: Single Max Amy & Tirsa Amy Siem — Head of Excursion and Transportation —- @amysiem Nickname: Aamie Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 4 Fun fact: I don’t really like chocolate Relationship status: Single 6 Max Kuitems — Deputy Secretary General Internal (DSGI) — @max.me.myself Nickname: Max (without the Kuitems) Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 4 (2 as admin, 2 as delegate.) MUNA 2020 will be my 5th! Fun fact: I have no idea what sarcasm is. Also I like music and will not die before I own every kind of instrument Relationship status: Unfortunately, I sail this ship alone. For now.

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