Meet the staff Eva & Janne & Loredana Megan & Mohamed Eva de Roode — Pre-MUN Manager & Chair — @evaderoode03 Nickname: Eef Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 3, this Is my fourth time participating Fun fact: My family name is de Roode (translated: the Red) Relationship status: Singleee Janne Jhinna — Pre-MUN Manager & Chair — @janne.jx Nickname: - Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 4 Fun fact: When I was two years old I fell out of a shopping cart and broke my arm Relationship status: Taken Loredana Lutzu — Pre-MUN Manager & Chair — @loredanalutzu Nickname: Lor Age: 17 How many MUN(s): This will be my 6th MUN Fun fact: I know every One Direction song by heart ;) Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle (jk) Mohamed Khalil — President of the General Assembly (PGA) & Chair — @moo.079 Nickname: يبيبح (for non-arabs habibi) Age: 16 How many MUN(s): 4 Fun fact: I can deadlift 150kg Relationship status: Haram Megan Vlastra — Head of Media and Press Team — @megan.xrm Nickname: Meg / Meeggie Age: 17 How many MUN(s): 1 Fun fact: I love cars and Formula 1 Relationship status: Taken ;) 9

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