IN CHARACTER S1 TAKES POLE POSITION Bringing a new dimension of characters, heroes and villains to the cannon of core collections. p10 The Invicta S1 collection is here to embolden every second of the day. p42 NEW STORE ALERT The world of Invicta continues to expand in wonderful ways. p62 TECHNOCELL Designs dynamically optimizing space while conveying an effortless sophistication. p122

SEC EDITION Welcome to the 2nd issue of the annual Invicta SEC Magazine. We invite you to delve into this edition and discover all the latest brand news, updates, as well as other dynamic facets that connect the world of Invicta. SEC is here to inspire, so sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

A CHARACTER BUILDING MOMENT Continually inspired by our dedicated fans, we maintain our determination to offer quality and innovation that is accessible for all to enjoy. We’ve taken this inspiration to set a new bar and it is from this position that the new character collections have been introduced. It is because of the knowledge and passion of our customers and collectors, this unique facet has been able to emerge. Mindful of the legacy these characters represent, we have worked hard to create timepieces that honor that legacy by translating the tradition of the art into a thoroughly modern moment. With a focused direction, our character collections embody an aesthetic in design and engineering not before seen in this area. A natural genesis for both the brand and customer, the Invicta collector is now able to enhance the collecting experience, adding a dynamic dimension of horological history. In this 2nd issue of SEC we share not only all that’s new to the Invicta world but also take a look at celebrated aspects in history that have led us right into the current moment. It is your dedication and passion that guides us and we thank you for the inspiration! Sincerest Regards, Eyal Lalo, Invicta CEO

80. TAYLOR MADE Time to discover the play for the next quarter; Jason Taylor for Invicta has you covered. Anticipate the snap of the Hall of Fame collection.

ISSUE NR 2 BY INVICTA WATCH GROUP 14. 30. 62. 70. 102. 110. 122. 130. 138. 146. IT'S TIME TO MARVEL Invicta stands united DISNEY 90 YEARS A timeless tradition NEW STORE ALERT The expansion continues SWISS MADE LEGACY Mechanisms of tradition GLYCINE Reach for the skies LIVE DEEPER Embody the essence TECHNOCELL Composition of fluid structure TECHNICAL REVELATIONS Masters of case complications A CHARACTER DEFINING MOMENT Reflections of character ALL ABOARD An extraordinary bon voyage 10. 42. 56. 88.

INVICTA IN CHARACTER INVICTA IN CHARACTER Launching in 2016 and continuing to today, Invicta expanded its scope, bringing a new dimension of characters, heroes and villains to the cannon of core collections. Introducing an impressive selection of timepieces featuring much loved characters, Invicta fans can enjoy the heritage of their favorite personalities but in a modern approach that is uniquely Invicta. Embracing this opportunity for customers and collectors alike, the limited-edition timepieces that comprise these collections are more than a token nod to an identity and legacy. Rather than merely utilizing a brand name and placing an image on the dial, Invicta has upped the ante, articulating some of the most recognized and beloved characters from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and the Muppets throughout the whole of the timepiece. Beyond a dial image, this elevated take on the more traditional avenues of character placement, has led to a range of models that wholly embody the personality and history of the featured character. Guided by an invincible spirit and following a focus of detailed design and engineering, the exclusive collections sees Invicta striding into the next era making history with each step. Welcome to the new era of Invicta Watch. SEC. 15 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018


INVICTA MARVEL IT'S TIME TO MARVEL In 1939, through vivid illustration and storytelling, the breathtaking feats of the MARVEL Universe began capturing and thrilling fans. Today, the extraordinary Universe cast of Super Heroes and Villains have flown off the page, taking on a new dimension in film. This start-studded group of characters now headline the limited-edition, MARVEL collection from Invicta. Maintaining the artistic spirit that first brought them to life, the collection renders each character with their own unique energy and personality throughout every exclusive timepiece. The captivating power of MARVEL teamed with the dynamic innovation of Invicta creates a scope in time worthy of Super Hero status. Suit up, the adventure has begun. SEC. 19 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA MARVEL FEATURED MODELS HULK RESERVE Bolt Zeus Model number: 26013 Size: 53mm Movement: Swiss Z60 Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 200 meters Limited edition: out of 3000 HULK BOLT Model number: 25985 Size: 53mm Movement: VD53 Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 100 meters Limited edition: out of 3000 SPIDERMAN BOLT ZEUS Tim Townsend Signature Series Model number: 26012 Size: 53mm Movement: Swiss Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 200 meters Limited edition: out of 3000

SEC. 21 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018


The House of Coifman Articulating the hand-made expertise of more than a century ago, S. Coifman embodies the time-honored tradition of this mastery. With a detailed execution, the collection inhabits a daring attitude conveyed with classic style. S. Coifman: From a refi ned old world heritage, a distinctly modern moment arrives: Live the legacy. www.scoifmanwatch.com

NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE TIME FOR A SQUARE Attraction, center, destination, neighborhood, the world’s most famous intersection is none other than Times Square. The spot where news, commerce, entertainment all converge, Times Square has been capturing imaginations and energizing tourists and locals alike for many, many decades.

SEC. 25 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE HISTORY OF A NEW YORK MINUTE In 1872 the area had become home to New York’s horse and carriage trade referred to as, “Longacre Square”, after Long Acre in London, the center of the horse and carriage trade in that city. As prices and rents continued to rise with the industrialization of lower Manhattan, homes and theatres were pushed north into the area, taking their place alongside the carriage trade. It wasn’t long before this stretch of Broadway was brimming with restaurant goers and theatrical patrons. In 1880, Longacre Square became the first area in Manhattan to be illuminated with electric light and as the bright lights grew in number, in 1902, these city blocks were first referred to as, “The Great White Way.” Given such a steady increase of population and activity, in 1904, New York Times publisher, Adolph S. Ochs, moved the newspaper operations to a skyscraper on 42nd Street. With the move, Ochs convinced the city mayor to begin construction of a subway and the area was renamed, “Times Square.” Just a few weeks later, the first electrified advertisement appeared and this infamous stretch of city blocks in midtown really began to take the form that is now so recognizable and the New York minute was born. As the years moved forward, Times Square has remained an epicenter, setting a global pace and capturing the world’s time minute by minute. In 2015 the Invicta Retail Stores opened its 17th location here and naturally appointed this store site as the chain’s flagship.


NEW YORK TIMES SQUARE From a slightly different point of view but equal in visibility to Times Square, the area of lower Manhattan, now known as New York’s Financial District, like Times Square, is one of the most recognizable and famous locations in the world. First settled in the 17th century, the area is home to New York’s major financial institutions including the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, various government offices as well as the Supreme and civil courts of New York. This bustling area of finance and law, has been the center of and witness to some of the most notable moments in American history. At the center of New York’s Financial District is the World Trade Center. Long a beacon and symbol for America’s presence in the global economic community, the World Trade Center embodies both the limitless possibilities of dreams as well as the depths of loss and sorrow. However, true to the American spirit, even in the face of heartache and challenge, the dream lives on and a new structure of hope and innovation stands tall and proud once again. It was here, in the mecca of growth and promise that Invicta chose to open its second Manhattan location. Not far behind from the 2015 Times Square opening, Invicta Retail Stores opened at the new, World Trade Center mall. Given the brand’s energy and diversity, New York City proves a natural home. Constantly evolving to meet the demands of the time, Invicta remains true to its own recognizable spirit, moving with the pace of the present, while, like New York, holding true to its core, culminating in the perfect New York minute. SEC. 29 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Russian Diver Nautilus Model 20230. Case and Dial: 52mm. Solid stainless steel case. Push and pull crown. Flame fusion crystal. Luminous New Lite accented index markers. Date window. Movement: Swiss Ronda 515 Quartz Band: Solid stainless steel bracelet with deployant clasp. Water Resistance: 1000 meters tested. www.invictawatch.com


INVICTA DISNEY THE MAGIC OF A KINGDOM What began as a humble childhood interest in drawing, not only became a lifelong pursuit but evolved and grew to become the wonderful world of Disney. Born in 1901, Walt Disney began drawing at an early age and continued to take art and illustration classes until, at 18, he was hired for his first job as a commercial illustrator. What began as a childhood interest in drawing would grow into one of the most prolific and far reaching entertainment and commercial enterprises in modern history. Born in Chicago in 1901 Walt Disney began drawing early. He took part in art and illustration classes throughout his youth and at 18 he landed his first job as a commercial illustrator. From those humble, creative instincts and ambitions, animation and later, popular culture would be utterly transformed. Disney Grand Diver Iridescent Model 25181 In 1923 Disney relocated to California to join his brother, Roy, who was convalescing from tuberculosis. Together they founded the Disney Brothers

Studio, the studio would later become, The Walt Disney Company. In the late 1920’s, on a train ride from New York City to Hollywood, Disney began sketching a cartoon character fashioned after a mouse. Mickey Mouse’s beginnings on Walt’s legal pad were quite modest and not very promising. Mickey’s first appearance in a test screening for the short, 'Plane Crazy', was not a hit with audiences and Disney failed to land a distributor. But, he had faith in this good-natured mouse and by Mickey’s third appearance, (with a distributor secured) in 'Steamboat Willie', audiences fell in love and Mickey Mouse’s journey to icon status officially began. Since his humble debut in 1928, Mickey Mouse has since become the most recognizable and enduring characters of all time and general all-around mascot for Disney. Through the scope of Walt Disney’s vision, the entertainment experience and Mickey Mouse’s role within it diversified, evolving and expanding its scope to include an entire cast, loved the world over. Guided by the most beloved characters on earth; film, television, and amusement park entertainment converged, completely transforming cultural and commercial enterprise into a cherished and timeless empire. This heritage that began from the imagination of a young boy and his drawings, continues to inspire and inform all these decades later. SEC. 35 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Disney Subaqua NOMA I Model 22733

INVICTA DISNEY In 2016, the Invicta Watch Group proudly took its place within this timeless tradition. In collaboration with Disney, Invicta launched the Disney – LIMITED EDITION collection. For this collaboration, Invicta designers work closely with the Disney design team. The series features a range of renderings of Mickey Mouse and other beloved favorites depicted on the dial. Designed for both men and women, all the models are exclusive, limited-edition timepieces. The thrill of the iconic and deft dimension of Invicta come together in this collection, bringing time and the personalities of Disney brilliantly to life. With such a remarkable past and, no doubt an equally extraordinary future, Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney and his magic kingdom is an ongoing reminder that the most modest of intentions and ideas, if led from the heart, can lead to a truly phenomenal present. Disney Limited Edition Thunderbolt Model 24659 SEC. 37 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA BEAUTY AND THE BEAST A BEAUTY WITH A FILM FOCUS In celebration of Disney’s 2017 remake, Invicta Watch unveiled a Beauty and the Beast themed timepiece through the Disney – LIMITED EDITION collection. Reflective of the mystery and romance of the story, the limited-edition model became an instant collector’s item. Each innovative and commemorative design detail captured the essence of the film bringing movie magic to the face of Invicta time. Beauty and the Beast Subaqua NOMA I Model 24717

SEC. 39 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE MOMENT In collaboration with the Walt Disney Company and in celebration of the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Invicta Watch launched a series of exclusive timepieces from the Disney - Limited Edition collection. The rich mythology and rebellious spirit of the movie came to life throughout the limited-edition models. Driven by exceptional engineering and construction, the design captured the essence of the film, inhabiting a timely world of thrilling adventure. ates of the Caribbean Limited Edition Model 25200 SEC. 41 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Live D TechnoMarine Cruise Valentine– Model 117046 – VD53 Quartz Chronograph – 200 meters Water resistance Cruise Collection Defi ned by bold elements of design and color, the TechnoMarine Cruise collection is built to encounter any adventure by land or by sea. Through charismatic fl uency, each model inhabits a personality all its own. With vibrant style and superior engineering that includes interchangeable straps and covers, the Cruise collection enhances the complexities of time with dynamic authenticity. www.technomarine.com



INVICTA S1 RALLY THE S1 QUALIFIERS To cruise in the fast lane means to live in a world where a moment in time can determine ultimate glory. Driven by the inner workings of exceptional mechanics complimented by the execution of ambitious aspects in design, the Invicta S1 collection is here to embolden every second of the day. The new campaign for S1 took its inspiration from the tradition and energy of the Formula 1 circuit. Racing has been a part of car culture since the dawn of the automobile. Formula racing is a class of racing determined and defined by open-wheeled, single seat race cars. Formula 1, in particular, is the highest class with the world’s most technically advanced, and fastest road course racing cars. Highly regulated, the sport is defined by rules or, “formulas” that designate car configuration and how the race is ultimately run. These formulas highlight the skill of the driver as well as showcase the performance and capability of the car.

SEC. 47 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

S1 Rally Model 26617

INVICTA S1 RALLY Capturing the spirit and atmosphere of Formula 1 and with new S1 models releasing throughout 2018, it was important to secure a campaign location worthy of the collection’s performance and aesthetic. With this in mind, the new campaign literally took Invicta time to the track. To best articulate the racing aesthetic, the campaign was photographed at the infamous Assen track in the Netherlands. The TT-Circuit in Assen enjoys a long and distinguished history. Originally built in 1925, the illustrious track is host to the Dutch TT (Tourist Trophy) race, known as “the Cathedral” of motorcycling and is the longest-running event on the MotoGP calendar. In 1955 the track design was updated to accommodate more modern modes and aesthetics of racing. A qualified champion complete with outstanding performance and style all its own, the Invicta S1 is a fast track vibe for real life time. SEC. 49 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018


MONACO THE OPULENT FAST LANE INVICTA MONACO HELLO MONACO Situated around an exquisite Mediterranean harbor along the French Rivera, Monaco is a modern-day principality exuding the essence of an old-world fairytale. Surrounded by France and considered one of the most beautiful and affluent destinations, the enchanting seaside country has long been one of the more luxurious playgrounds in the world.

SEC. 53 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

MONACO THE OPULENT FAST LANE THE OPULENT FAST LANE Though Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, Vatican City being the first, it plays host to one of the largest and most famous Formula One events, the Monaco Grand Prix. With the streets of Monaco serving as the course, the prestigious automobile race has been held here each May since 1929. It is the only Grand Prix that does not adhere to the Formula One 190-mile minimum race distance. Even though racing speeds remain relatively low due to the narrow course, sharp corners, tunnel and rapid changes in elevation, it is considered one of the most demanding and dangerous tracks on the circuit. While the Monaco Grand Prix is a major hallmark event, with its spectacular harbor, boating facilities and bright vistas; infamous high-roller gambling at the lux Place du Casino, high-end shopping, fabulous restaurants and nightlife, the glamorous location redefines the concept of ‘vacation spot’. With such a glorious setting, it might just be worth it to shift gears, slow down, raise the stakes and soak in all this glittering country has to offer. BEST PLACES TO WATCH THE F1 GRAND PRIX PADDOCK CLUB For the Formula One Race, the Paddock Club is the most exclusive place to witness the race. It's the only chance for spectators to gain admission to the pit lane and the likelihood of meeting the F1 team members and officials. At possibly the most glamorous circuit in the world, the Formula One Paddock Club has a position right on the harbour’s edge at the prestigious 'Yacht Club de Monaco'. Address Quai Louis II, 98000 Monaco Telefoon +377 93 10 63 00 FLOATING PARTY A T-shaped boat dock in the harbor is the most fun place to hang out. A special platoon of divers secure this T-shaped dock, and if you grease the right harbormaster you can inch closer to the action. Catch glimpses of the race between drinks.

SEC. 55 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018



Star Wars R2-D2 Model 26069

INVICTA STAR WARS FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY In 1977 another galaxy arrived, forever altering the landscape of film and popular culture. No other movie in cinematic history has had such an impact on moviegoing fans and the collective narrative since the dawn of Star Wars. he daw In 2017, thirty years since the release of the first movie, heritage of the films, teamed with the bold innovation of brought Star Wars time to life, resulting in one of and collectible moments in the galaxy. movie, y vation of victa has of the most dynamic SEC. 61 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA STAR WARS EMBRACE THE DARK SIDE Within the Star Wars – LIMITED EDITIONS collection, the thrill of the iconic and the ingenuity of Invicta come together achieving its own epic, time-driven galaxy. The series is comprised of exclusive, limited edition timepieces for both men and women. Aiming to accurately honor the Star Wars cast, revered characters from the films are integrated throughout the dials of each model. Through detailed design and meticulous engineering, each characters’ onscreen personality is authentically reflected in every model. The legendary heritage of Star Wars matched with the inspired spirit of Invicta makes for the most intriguing moments in this or any other system. The full force of Invicta time is now with you

Star Wars Darth Vader model 26178 SEC. 63 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA INVINCIBLE IN RETAIL NEW STORE ALERT The Invicta Retail Stores offer the largest selection of Invicta timepieces, eyewear, and other style accessories including the latest from TechnoMarine, S. Coifman and Glycine. This year, the world of Invicta continues to evolve in wonderful ways.

SEC. 65 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA INVINCIBLE IN RETAIL NEW STORES OF 2018 2018 will not only see the opening of a new location in the U.S. nearly every week, but the Invicta Stores will also open their doors in South America, Germany and the Netherlands. The Netherlands location in Lelystad will begin welcoming customers in late May while the new store in Zweibrucken, Germany will open later this year in November. Both stores have been designed by the team that have created the dynamic locations in the U.S. We invite you to take your time and experience all that the Invicta Retail Stores have to offer. SEC. 67 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA INVINCIBLE IN RETAIL USA Bay Plaza January 2018 New York Las Catalinas Mall February 2018 Puerto Rico Westland Mall February 2018 Florida Queens Kiosk March 2018 New York Freehold Raceway Mall March 2018 New Jersey Kings Plaza March 2018 New York Sawgrass Mills April 2018 Florida Pembroke Lakes April 2018 Florida Tysons Corner May 2018 Virginia Roosevelt Field Mall May 2018 New York Newport Centre May 2018 New Jersey Pentagon City May 2018 Washington North East Mall May 2018 Texas Orlando Premium June 2018 Florida Las Americas Store June 2018 San Juan, Puerto Rico Las Americas Kiosk June 2018 San Juan, Puerto Rico Perimeter Mall June 2018 Georgia Houston Galleria July 2018 Texas Memorial City July 2018 Texas Dallas Galeria July 2018 Texas San Marco Austin July 2018 Texas The Parks at Arlington August 2018 Texas Baybrook Mall August 2018 Texas Deerbrook Mall August 2018 Texas First Colony August 2018 Texas North Star Mall September 2018 Texas Stonebriar Centre September 2018 Texas Allen Premium Outlets September 2018 Texas The Woodlands September 2018 Texas Willowbrook Mall September 2018 Texas Las Vegas Premium North October 2018 Nevada Las Vegas Premium South October 2018 Nevada Grapevine Mills October 2018 Texas

LATIN AMERICA Colina Mall January 2018 Bogota, Colombia Hayuelos Mall January 2018 Bogota, Colombia EUROPE Batavia Stad May 2018 Lelystad, the Netherlands The Style Outlets November 2018 Zweibrucken, Germany Mall Plaza Castillo February 2018 Cartagena, Colombia Zone T February 2018 Bogota, Colombia Plaza Central March 2018 Bogota, Colombia Santa fe Mall April 2018 Bogota, Colombia Jockey Mall April 2018 Lima, Peru Duty free Airport May 2018 Bogota, Colombia Jardin Plaza Mall May 2018 Cali, Colombia Arboleda Mall May 2018 Pereira, Colombia Blue Mall May 2018 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic SEC. 69 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018


Platinum Select Venom Model 26137

INVICTA SWISS MADE MECHANISMS OF TRADITION Geared for the Swiss made enthusiast, and in keeping with the Invicta mission, the Invicta Swiss Made collection has been introduced. Offering Swiss made timepieces at a competitive price point, the collection raises the standard and elevates time to a new, accessible level. Each timepiece adheres to all official ordinances determined by the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry and includes a custom, identification tag for the Swiss-made label. Anchored in a distinguished tradition with a heritage defined by excellence, the Swiss timepiece has long been considered the unrivaled foundation of the watchmaking world. In an effort to preserve the reputation of the quality for which the Swiss timepiece has become known, in 2007 the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry began an initiative to strengthen the ‘Swiss Made’ label. The process involved amending the ordinance thereby increasing the specifications that need to be met in order for a timepiece to be considered ‘Swiss’ or ‘Swiss Made.’ The new criteria enable the Federation to determine geographical origin of the product or service with greater precision while also ensuring a high value at an aggressive price point. In January of 2017 the amended ordinance went into full effect. Imbuing the collection with this Swiss heritage delivers excellence to the present moment while making the essence of time an accessible tradition. SEC. 75 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA SWISS MADE Known for transforming the concept of time, Invicta enjoys a rich history founded in the tradition of Swiss watchmaking. This year, Invicta is utilizing the newly relaunched mechanical movement by Ronda. The Ronda 150, or R150 will be used in limited edition Invicta timepieces and the Swiss made movement is executed with 25 jewels, an Incabloc anti-shock system, Swiss lever escapement, and 40 hours of power reserve. Discover the historical journey that has led Invicta Watch into the pioneering innovation of today. Platinum Select Hybrid Model 26045

SEC. 77 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

GLYCINE AIRMAN GL0149 www.glycinewatch.com


INVICTA UNITED WITH PUERTO RICO TO PUERTO RICO WITH LOVE With your vibrant culture, geographical beauty, outstanding cuisine and rich history you have brought joy and delight to so many. Given our geographical proximity along with the many Puerto Rican team members both at headquarters and in Invicta Retail Stores located on your island, you have long been close to our collective heart. Prior to Hurricane Maria our bonds were already solid and enduring but since the hurricane, those bonds have only deepened. The spirit that we witnessed during our relief efforts this summer was moving, inspiring and courageous beyond measure. Your breathtaking landscapes, vivid vistas and exquisite beaches always dazzle, reflecting the radiant culture you embody and share. “Rich Port” that you are, though the hour has been dark, your enduring spirit we know will prevail. Puerto Rico, you have our support and our heart… Now & Forever - Invicta

SEC. 81 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018



INVICTA JASON TAYLOR TIME TO CLOCK THE PLAY In 2012, legendary Miami Dolphins defender and NFL Hall of Fame inductee, Jason Taylor, began a partnership with the Invicta Watch Group. This collaboration resulted in the Jason Taylor for Invicta collection. Defined by outstanding performance and innovation, the limited-edition series has since become an Invicta mainstay. A watch enthusiast and collector for many years, the series is a direct reflection of Jason’s focus and commitment to excellence. Since the Jason Taylor for Invicta launch in 2012, the timepieces continue to captivate fans and collectors alike. The collection offers new designs as well as existing masterpieces that have been carefully selected and modified by Jason. The entire series is limited-edition, capturing his unique style and aesthetic while maintaining the highest horological standards.

SEC. 85 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA JASON TAYLOR Jason is an active philanthropist and in 2004 his personal efforts in philanthropy inspired him to establish the Jason Taylor Foundation. With a focus in health care, education and bettering the quality of day to day life, the foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children in South Florida. Because of his consistent and devoted efforts within the community, he was named the, “2007 NFL Man of the Year.” In 2017, Jason was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame for his achievements on the playing field. In celebration of his Hall of Fame induction, several limited-edition timepieces were released from the Jason Taylor for Invicta collection. These mindfully crafted models articulated with an array of distinct details including Taylor’s NFL jersey number, “99” and his signature on the dial as well as an engraved case-back complete with the model’s series number. The focus and dedication Jason demonstrates in all areas of his life, seamlessly translate into his collection, revealing a myriad of exceptional timing possibilities. The Jason Taylor for Invicta collec tion; where time is no longer a spectator sport but rather a sophisticated adventure. JASON TAYLOR MODELS JT BOLT ZEUS METEORITE Size: 53mm Movement: Swiss Z60 Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 200 meters Limited edition: out of 999 JT HALL OF FAME SUBAQUA NOMA VI Size: 50mm Movement: Swiss Z60 Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 500 meters Limited edition: out of 999 JT BOLT HYBRID MASTER CALENDAR Size: 51mm Movement: Swiss 5040.F Quartz Chronograph Water resistance: 500 meters Limited edition: out of 999

JT Bolt Zeus Meteorite Model 25425 e JT Hall of Fame Subaqua NOMA VI Model 25300 JT Bolt Hybrid Master Calendar Model 23607 SEC. 87 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018


The House of Coifman Articulating the hand-made expertise of more than a century ago, S. Coifman embodies the time-honored tradition of this mastery. With a detailed execution, the collection inhabits a daring attitude conveyed with classic style. S. Coifman: From a refi ned old world heritage, a distinctly modern moment arrives: Live the legacy. www.scoifmanwatch.com



INVICTA THE MUPPETS A LINEUP OF CHARACTER Created by visionary Jim Henson, the Muppets first took the stage in 1955 and have been claiming hearts and capturing imaginations ever since. Derived from the words: ‘marionette’ and ‘puppet,’ the term “Muppet” was born and the art of puppetry, children’s television as well as the world of entertainment was forever changed. The Muppet characters are brought to life through the voices and manipulation of skilled puppeteers. The Muppets come in a range of sizes and are either a hand puppet, a rod puppet or a combination of the two. Upon occasion they are full-bodied with the puppeteer making use of invisible string and adding the voice later. They are largely constructed out of foam and then covered with some type of felt and/or fur. Often the creation of one character can take up to a year as the puppeteer mindfully develops the voice, vocal intonation and physicality of the character. In their six decades, the Muppets have enjoyed success in all aspects of entertainment. From music recordings to the critically acclaimed and award winning, The Muppet Show, to a franchise of major motion pictures and everything in-between, the Muppets have become a show-business mainstay, continually entertaining children and adults alike. Characters from this beloved and vibrant cast have taken their place in a new limited-edition watch collection. In December of 2017, Kermit the Frog and Miss. Piggy flew to Miami for the exclusive debut of the Muppets Collection. For the launch, the beloved Kermit and adored diva, Miss. Piggy, arrived in first class form for a major photoshoot and a live broadcast from the Invicta Marine Pavilion. Working with these in-demand international celebrities was a major highlight for the entire Invicta team. Decked out in fashion from the hottest designers, the photoshoot proved to be a thrilling day. Shot in a luxurious home setting as well as the Invicta boat and with their star power shining bright, Miss. Piggy and Kermit proved yet again why they are loved the world over. In fact, Miss. Piggy charmed one of the Invicta models and the team noticed a little flirtatious intrigue between the two.

SEC. 93 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

In true diva form, Miss Piggy took her Invicta time to the next fabulous level.

SEC. 95 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Kermit took the time to make being green, easy. SEC. 97 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

The sparkling Miss Piggy is always ready to embrace an exceptionally divine moment.

SEC. 99 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Kermit finally found the Rainbow Connection in Invicta's hometown.

SEC. 101 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA THE MUPPETS IT'S TIME TO LIGHT THE LIGHTS Following the shoot, it was off to the Evine broadcast for the highly anticipated Muppet Collection world launch event. Broadcast from the Invicta Marine Pavilion, Kermit and Miss. Piggy made several live appearances, giving interviews and showcasing limited-edition Lupah sets along with other new collection models. After a whirlwind day and all-too-soon, Kermit and Miss. Piggy bid their farewells to all and in true star style, it was quickly time for them to hop on their jet. The bold energy of Invicta Watch teamed with the electric charisma of the Muppet characters makes for an exciting and dynamic series. Numbered and executed with innovative design and expert engineering, the models are instant collector’s items. The limitededition Muppet Collection; lifting the spirit of the moment, one magical Muppet at a time.

SEC. 103 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

GLYCINE STAND APART AND REACH FOR THE SKIES STAND APART AND REACH FOR THE SKIES Founded in 1914 by engineer Eugène Meylan, Glycine has continuously produced fine Swiss watches at its headquarters and factory in Biel, Switzerland.

SEC. 105 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

GLYCINE STAND APART AND REACH FOR THE SKIES MAKING EVERY MOMENT COUNT Located on the Eastern end of Lake Biel and at the foot of the Jura Mountains, Biel sits on the language boundary between French speaking and German speaking Switzerland. It is the largest Swiss city where both languages are spoken in equal measure. Grounded in a long history, the first inhabitants of the area originated in the prehistoric Neolithic and as early as the 5th century the foundations of the city began to take form. As settlement in the city grew and took shape, it was in 1494 that it officially became part of the Swiss Confederacy. Reflective of both its German and French occupancy and home to the most famous watch houses in the world, the city has been the core of watchmaking in Switzerland since the 19th century.. While located in Biel, the company has moved its headquarters several times since its 1914 founding. In 2014, Glycine moved into its current home which is located in the historic, medieval old town section of the city. The Glycine house includes an atelier as well as an in-house boutique. All aspects of product development, assembly and service for the Airman model take place at this location. A larger factory warehouse that handles additional assembly and shipping is located just outside and mere miles from the old town area of the city. Always defined by its reputation of excellence, it was the 1953 debut of Glycine’s Airman timepiece that made history and set a whole new standard in the watch industry. The model was the first of its kind as it split time- showing both local and world time at a glance. The Airman literally changed the face of time for long-distance travelers, pilots and the jet-set. From that point, working from a new precedent, Glycine’s innovation has continued and evolved. In 2014, honoring the brand’s 100th birthday, Glycine debuted the 46mm Airman Airfighter that featured three time-zones. SEC. 107 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

GLYCINE STAND APART AND REACH FOR THE SKIES More than 100 years after the creation of his first Glycine watch, Meylan's spirit lives on. With its acquisition by Invicta Watch Group in 2016, Glycine is now, more than ever, positioned to expand, creating distinctive timepieces predicated upon the unique vision developed by Meylan. In 2017, the Airman tradition continued and the brand returned the most prestigious marketplace in the industry, Baselworld. A range of newly designed models along with the “Be an Airman” campaign unveiled at Baselworld to much acclaim. With such a strong foundation along with an emphasis on rugged and dependable timepieces, the brand is recognized as a true pioneer. The leader of the aviation and world timer watches, Glycine continues to deliver the heights of glory into timing reality. Airman SST12 Model GL0073

SEC. 109 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

GLYCINE AIRMAN GL0150 www.glycinewatch.com




TECHNOMARINE LIVE DEEPER FEELING RIGHT AT HOME IN THE PHILIPPINES Founded in 1997, the European brand, TechnoMarine successfully merges the art of horological innovation with spirited design. With a distinct vision that embodies the essence of active luxury, TechnoMarine stylistically aligns with discerning men and women who dare to combine sophistication and wit. Given the brand’s inherent diverse and fluid energy, TechnoMarine has found a tremendous following and natural home in the Philippines. There are now eight TechnoMarine boutiques located throughout Metro Manila as well as one in Cebu and another in Davao City. Additionally, the brand is sold in more than ten multi-brand boutiques nationwide. Popularity grew quickly, in part due to the brand partnerships with and support of several iconic personalities, including; local daytime show host, Willie Revillame, Kris Aquino (daughter of former President Cory Aquino and sister of former President Noy Aquino), and international Filipino boxing star, Manny Pacquiao. SEC. 115 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

TECHNOMARINE LIVE DEEPER The current ambassadors for TechnoMarine, Liza Soberano and Alden Richards, are a testament to how much the brand is thriving in the Philippines. Liza, the gorgeous actress and style icon of FilipinoAmerican descent, is famous for the show, Business Love Team ,and is set to make her mark as the iconic Filipino superhero “Darna.” Due to her rich and varied career, this accomplished actress and model has proven to be the perfect fit for this TechnoMarine moment. Award winning actor, television host, singer and philanthropist, Alden Richards shares brand ambassador status with Liza. One of the most sought-after and versatile talents in the Philippines, Richards has set an exceptional precedent in the entertainment industry. A favorite leading man, his charisma and charm has garnered thousands of fans making him wildly popular and a true favorite. With his multifaceted career and energy in sync with the essence and dimension of TechnoMarine, this seamless partnership is a wonderful match made in the Philippines. The timepieces of TechnoMarine inspire watchmaking and transform the concept of, ‘active luxury.’ With a core spirit defined by freedom and elegance, there is no doubt the brand will continue to flourish in their home away from home.

SEC. 117 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

PHILIPPINES WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE? HELLO PHILIPPINES Situated on the eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines is an archipelago comprised of more than 7,000 islands. The country is home to the world’s longest coastline and it would take roughly 20 years to spend a day on each island.

SEC. 119 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

PHILIPPINES WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE? WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE? Tourism to the country first began to thrive in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Referred to as the, “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, it is considered by travelers to be one of the best destinations in the world. Due to a long, rich history, the Philippines is known for its confluence of many cultures, spectacular beaches, stunning landscapes and terrain complete with a diverse array of wildlife. The country also boasts wonderful cuisine, an exciting nightlife and fabulous shopping, all graciously shared by a warm and welcoming local populace. With so many dimensions and facets to experience, it’s no wonder that the Philippines is a favorite among tourists. Manilla, the national capitol and main metropolis for four centuries is a bayside city, densely populated and located on the island of Luzon. The city is an enchanted blend of Spanish, Chinese and Malay influences with the modernity of skyscrapers. The vitality of Manilla has long been a draw for tourists and travelers. The city’s worldclass offerings rival those of any other major metropolis. Currently Manila is enjoying a flourishing in the art, food and nightlife scene, emerging as one of Asia’s most happening destinations. There are innumerable places to day trip to or stay with ease throughout the country and Bohol is considered a “must-see.” Known for its dive sites, coral reefs and unusual geological formations, most notably the Chocolate Hills, the island of Bohol and its surrounding seventy-five smaller islands in the Central Visayas region is considered by many as the “Jewel of the Philippines.”

SEC. 121 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

PHILIPPINES WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE? Tourists can snorkel, scuba dive, relax along gleaming white beaches, hike, whale watch while also enjoying the happening nightlife, food and shopping scene. The diversity of terrain and activity as well as its many resorts makes Bohol a favorite among travelers and locals alike. Located in the western Philippines, the capital of the Palawan island, is the coastal city of Puerto Princesa. The least densely populated city in the Philippines and with a diversity of ocean landscapes as well as wildlife reserves, Puerto Princesa is perfect for nature lovers as well as those after any boating or diving centric activity. The area is known for its bio-diversity and offers everything from dive spots to boat rides through the underground river and caves as well as ziplines and hiking trails. Whether you’re plunging into the bluest depths of the Tubbataha Reef, navigating the realms of the Chocolate Hills, or venturing out for a five-star dinner in the heart of Manila, with so much to experience, the Philippines is the perfect location to satisfy all aspects of wanderlust. DINNER XIN TIAN DI This restaurant, located in Quezon City, is suitable for both brunch and dinner. It is a popular restaurant which is fully booked almost every night. Guests describe this place as a Dim Sum heaven. Address Fourth Floor, Crowne Plaza Galleria. Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines Telefoon +63 2 633 7222 MAMA'S FISH HOUSE For those who want to enjoy more of the local cuisine after a day at the beach of Boracay, Mama's Fish House is the place to be. This restaurant is located next to the sea and therefore specializes in fish. It is run with much love by an enthusiastic owner who wants to show tourists the Filipino way of life. Address Diniwid Beach Front, Boracay - Malay, Aklan, Malay, Aklan Province 5608, Philippines Telefoon +63 977 857 7883

SEC. 123 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

TECHNOMARINE TECHNOCELL TECHNOMARINE TECHNOCELL Redefining the concept of luxury since 1997, TechnoMarine brings fluid dimension to each timepiece collection. In the brand’s ongoing quest to create sophisticated watches for the active lifestyle, this year the brand is set to introduce another facet of its mission; the TechnoCell collection. SEC. 125 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

TECHNOMARINE TECHNOCELL COMPOSITION OF FLUID STRUCTURE Inspired by the mathematical properties found within the Voronoi Diagram, the new TechnoCell incorporates these properties into the architecture of each timepiece. Specifically, the Voronoi Diagram refers to the partitioning of a plane based on points of distance into regions. These regions or ‘cells’, create patterns. While Mathematics is the method of articulation for the regions created by these points of distance, the patterns themselves are organic, found and applied throughout nature and technology. The patterns of the Voronoi Diagram have been articulated into an architectural structure which is incorporated throughout each model. The TechnoCell designs dynamically optimize space while conveying an effortless sophistication. SEC. 127 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

SEC. 129 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

Live D TechnoMarine MoonSun – Model 117006 – Quartz Movement – Nylon strap – 50 meters Water resistance MoonSun Collection Live through time your way with the TechnoMarine MoonSun collection. Designed for both men and women, MoonSun is set to turn time into an experience. Inspired by the lines and energy of urban landscapes, the collection captures a youthful sophistication. Moving eff ortlessly from day to the evening hours, the collection is crafted with the highest quality materials and conveys an easy elegance synonymous with TechnoMarine. Be the center of your universe and defi ne day to night style with the MoonSun collection. www.technomarine.com

eeper ee



INVICTA MAGNUM PACKING A PUNCH When the universe of science-fiction and robotics encounters the world of time, the Invicta Bolt Magnum Reserve comes to the fore. Showcasing the inspired mechanics of engineering and design, the Magnum is an epic masterpiece crafted with the spirit of the Bolt but fit for the exclusivity of Reserve. Powered by a Swiss movement, the model features a dual time zone function, displaying both local time and the time of another designated zone. With solid stainless-steel construction, the case diameter measures at an impressive 52mm, as well as offering a push-crown complete with 200-meter water resistance. The emboldened design elements are aligned with the Magnum’s inner capability. Every detail of the model’s case, dial, and bracelet is executed with inspired precision, setting a remarkable precedent for the true art of horology. Where concepts of science fiction fantasy become timing reality; step into the future with the Invicta Bolt Magnum Reserve.

Bolt Magnum Model 25609 Reserve Bolt Magnum Model 25207 SEC. 135 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA SEA HUNTER AN ICON OF TIME Utilizing the height of engineering and forging forward at the cuttingedge of design, the Invicta Sea Hunter arrives prepared to handle any level of intensity. Reflective of the design of an underwater propeller found on a boat or submarine, the model articulates power and performance with the same engineering. Inter-connected to an internal gear track structure, three geared propellers have been set onto the hatch-wheel-like diver bezel. Featuring an exhibition case back, this model is not for the faint of heart. The fierce volume and capability of the Sea Hunter pushes past barriers delivering the ultimate moment with an unparalleled standard. SEC. 137 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA TRANSATLANTIC SYNCHRONIZED DUALITY Where one day draws to a close another day is dawning. The much-anticipated return of the Invicta Transatlantic has arrived. Initially reworked in 2004 and then again in 2015, another generation has taken time to the next level. Featuring two dials, two Swiss movements, the Transatlantic is equipped to track the time in two locations. The meticulously designed dial releases up from the 48mm stainless steel case for easy access to both time zones. Synchronizing the expansive aspects of the modern world in classic style where innovative function makes a memorable statement: The Invicta Transatlantic, daring to be in two places at once. an Mod ansAtlantic Model 25924

SEC. 139 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018



INVICTA CHARACTER COLLECTION REFLECTIONS OF CHARACTER The Invicta Character Collection transforms time into an animated experience. Starring a treasured cast and designed with the collector as well as the ardent fan in mind, all timepieces are limited-edition. Featuring innovative renderings of the most adored personalities of our time, the exclusive series includes; Snoopy, Betty Boop, Garfield, Popeye and Beetle Bailey. The Invicta Character Collection, turning the distinct personality of time into a timeless tradition.

SNOOPY Since debuting in the fall of 1950 and without ever uttering a sound, Snoopy has been stealing hearts year after year. With his fertile imagination and irresistible wry wit, this beloved beagle has made his mark in character history. Authentically captured, Snoopy’s spirit comes to life, making for a wonderful companion in time. Snoopy Limited Edition I-Force Model 25008 Snoopy Limited Edition Model 25010 SEC. 143 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA CHARACTER COLLECTION GARFIELD Garfield was first brought to life in the late 1970’s. Since this feisty feline hit the comic strip world, he continues to make fans laugh. With his mischievous yet endearing personality, the Garfield timepieces are certain to make the passing of time that much more of a delightful adventure.

Garfi eld Bolt Zeus Model 25001 SEC. 145 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA CHARACTER COLLECTION POPEYE Popeye has been sailing the high seas since January of 1929. Always fighting the good fight, his tough exterior is matched by a devoted heart of gold. Popeye’s gallant, larger than life energy shines through, offering a vintage portrayal of the current moment. Popeye Subaqua NOMA I Model 24477

SEC. 147 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE ALL ABOARD THE INVICTA CRUISE In 2017 Invicta Watch launched its first-ever destination cruise. Following the tremendous sold out success of the inaugural voyage, in February of 2018, Invicta fans set sail again on the magnificent Carnival Victory for another 3 funfilled days at sea.

SEC. 149 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA OCEAN VOYAGE AN EXTRAORDINARY, BON VOYAGE Traveling from Miami to the Bahamas, the round-trip adventure was packed with an extensive range of activities and parties as well as Evine shows broadcasting live from the ship. The on-board events were designed specifically for the Invicta fan and collector and included (to name only a few): Karaoke with Evine show hosts, Watch Collectors Expo, Glow Party, Marvel and Star Wars Movie Marathon, meet and greets with Eyal Lalo, Jason Taylor as well as favorite Evine hosts and rounding out the voyage was the signature “Yellow Adrenaline” themed party. Among the vibrant range of activities, and behind-the-scene access to all broadcasts, passengers enjoyed the opportunity to meet Disney illustrator and Character Art Director for Disney, Jeff Shelly, and watch him make drawing magic with the chance to win a signed sketch. Setting a tone and vibe that kept passengers celebrating into the early hours, the 2nd annual Invicta Ocean Voyage created the perfect moment for Invicta fans and collectors to gather and have the time of their lives.

SEC. 151 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

SEC. 153 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA CALENDAR SHOOT TIME TRAVEL The new 2018 Invicta calendar brings time to life through a compelling lens. Located in the Netherlands and situated a few kilometers from the Invicta Watch Europe headquarters, lays an impressive scope of land called, “Maasvlakte.” The beaches at Maasvlakte served as the photoshoot backdrop for the calendar. The unique spirit of Invicta has been beautifully showcased through the vibe and aesthetic of this setting. Printed on metallic copper and silver-tone paper, the new, large-scale calendar is a detailed composition of photographic sophistication. This artful limited-edition release is numbered making it a true collector’s item. The remarkable possibilities of 2018 are ready to be revealed; now is the time.

SEC. 155 ISSUE NR 2 YEAR 2018

INVICTA WATCH GROUP 1 Invicta Way (3069 Taft St) Hollywood Florida 33021 USA

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