INVICTA TECHNOMARINE Experience all that the world of Invicta has to offer. p08 Horological innovation and spirited design come together for TechnoMarine. p42 S. COIFMAN With a collective made by hand, a legacy of grace is waiting. p58 GLYCINE Split time and fly right; Be an Airman with Glycine. p72

A WORD FROM OUR CEO Built on a platform of quality, we have always been a brand true to its core values with a dedication to offering creative and technical revelations from different viewpoints. It is my belief that our strength resides in the direct participation with all phases of the process: design, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Baselworld is the place to show off achievements, and share the passion with your loyal international partners. So, it is with great enthusiasm that we will unveil accomplished new additions on this global main stage. We look forward to delivering the very best of Invicta Watch throughout 2017. Eyal Lalo CEO Invicta Watch Group

12. STEP INSIDE THE DETAILS Step inside the details and meet the making of epic time. Explore the landscapes of inspiration and discover the finer points of the Invicta brand.

ISSUE NR 1 BY INVICTA WATCH GROUP 08. 22. 30. 38. 52. 66. 82. 90. 96. HISTORY IN THE MAKING Meet the tradition WELCOME TO SWITZERLAND Determine the adventure BASELWORLD Time to shine LIFE'S A BEACH Meet the party, Miami style MEET THE DUTCH Stop and take notice ASIAN MARKET IS SERVED East meets West BEYOND THE EDGE OF SPACE Invicta takes time to another realm. MEET THE MODELS Invicta, front and center THE ART OF TIMELESS VISION Canvasing the face of Invicta 16. 42. 58. 72.

INVICTA HISTORY IN THE MAKING HISTORY IN THE MAKING Latin for “INVINCIBLE,” Invicta is led by innovation and nurtured with the consistency of quality and brand personality. Founded more than a century ago in 1837 in Chiasso, Switzerland, with the belief that supremely crafted timepieces can be offered for modest sums, Invicta holds true to this objective today. Originally crafting mechanical and automatic timepieces, Invicta, set a new pace and in 2000 the brand focused on designing a perfectly fitting, oversized timepiece. This focus delivered the professional dive watch, the Ocean Ghost, and the iconic Lupah collection. The brand has since grown, now encompassing over 30 diverse collections. SEC. 09 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA INVINCIBLE THROUGH TIME INVINCIBLE THROUGH TIME The forward thinking energy of The Invicta Watch Group continues its brazen journey while still firmly rooted in the origins of its founding. Invicta is now known for manufacturing detailed mechanical timepieces as well as being internationally recognized as the masters of case complications; taking the detailed art of case construction to new levels and bringing forth timepieces of inspired exception. This meticulous approach to watchmaking has culminated to include technically advanced watches. INVICTA TECHNOMARINE

HISTORY IN DETAIL 1837 Latin for “invincible,” Invicta is founded in La Chauxde-Fonds, Switzerland, by Raphael Picard. Invicta handcrafts its first watches with the belief that fine Swiss timepieces could be offered at modest prices. 1837-1970’s For more than a century, the company creates manual and automatic-winding pieces of exceptional design and construction 1959 An inspired foreshadowing of the future, the USSR’s Council of Labor and Defense commissions Invicta to create a Swiss-made watch exclusively for the officers of the naval fleet. 1991 With focused determination the brand is positioned to offer a large segment of the watch-buying public unprecedented access to fine Swiss quality at prices well within their reach. 1998 The Invicta Pro Diver collection launches and with its jeweled automatic movements, high waterresistance and superior construction achieves a prominent status among collectors. 2000 The iconic Lupah Swiss Chronograph debuts. With a patented oversized case, rounded crystal, distinctive dials and colorful straps, this line creates a major sensation. 2006 Invicta establishes the Invicta Care Foundation. The nonprofit charitable Invicta Care Foundation came to life in the hopes of improving it. With a dedicated interest in helping, serving and empowering those less fortunate, Care and its mission is an integral aspect of the core values held by Invicta Watch. 2012 Invicta opens its 1st retail store at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, FL. 2013 Invicta is honored with the internationally prestigious Red Dot Award in Product Design for the Subaqua NOMA V. An internationally recognized quality seal for excellence, Red Dot only recognizes the finest and most innovative products. 2015 Invicta acquires the luxury brand, TechnoMarine. Invicta opens its flagship store and 17th Stores location in Times Square, New York City. 2016 Invicta embarks on a collaboration with the Walt Disney Company, producing a Limited Edition Series, Disney – LIMITED EDITION. The brand acquires the distinguished Swiss brand, Glycine. S. COIFMAN GLYCINE SEC. 11 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA STEP INSIDE THE DETAILS STEP INSIDE THE DETAILS When Invicta Watch first opened its doors in 1837, the founding focus had always been to build superior watches for all, not just a select few. This inclusive belief has remained the driving force behind each era of the company’s growth since that time in Switzerland so long ago. In keeping that belief an active focus, it is at the fore of all executions in design and engineering. Today, Invicta embodies an accomplished, unprecedented range of timepieces geared to suit the particular taste and price point of all customers and collectors while delivering outstanding performance and quality. Always looking to advance and perfect, we continue to successfully set new standards within the watch industry. Since its founding, Invicta has grown and now encompasses 30 collections, over 50 Invicta Retail Stores locations worldwide and three diverse brands: TechnoMarine, S. Coifman and Glycine. Throughout Invicta’s history, the marketing speaks directly to its position within the journey. For example, whether it’s “Some Myths are Real,” “Turning the Balance of Power” or the latest campaign, “Invincible in Detail,” the brand's advertising has always echoed the company’s dedication to and realization of mastering case complications as well as successfully designing a perfectly fitting, oversized timepiece. This focus has delivered the iconic Lupah collection, Russian Diver, Bolt, Venom and the award winning Subaqua. In 2013, the Invicta Subaqua NOMA V was bestowed with the prestigious Red Dot Award in Product Design.

The Red Dot Award is an internationally recognized quality seal for excellence in aesthetic forms and timeless trends. The model faced off against over 1,800 manufacturers, designers and architects from 54 countries. The jury, comprised of 37 top ranking professionals, mindfully tested and evaluated 4,662 works in order to reach their conclusions. Four years in the making, Invicta’s engineers realized this timepiece exclusively in-house. With a transformed, innovative pusher complication, 36 individual micro-engineered components and a bracelet boasting individual frame protectors, the Subaqua NOMA V raised the stakes for both the brand itself but also, for the watch industry. A momentum that only gathers more speed and expertise, in 2016 Invicta began collaborating with the Walt Disney Company to develop the collection, Disney – LIMITED EDITION. The series features various renderings of Mickey Mouse and other characters on the dial. Instant collector’s pieces, Disney – LIMITED EDITION is proving to be yet another high point in brand evolution. 2017 opens with a new campaign and a return to Baselworld. “Invincible in Detail” will officially launch in Basel. As Invicta is Latin for “invincible” the new campaign translates the essence of the word meaning into a visual work of art. The campaign takes this spirited theme a step further focusing in on the design details for which Invicta has been known. The synergy of the epic landscapes with the precision of each detail, gives those iconic aspects a functionality in an entirely new context thus taking the viewer into the life force of the timepieces and the brand. Also at Baselworld 2017, Invicta along with its family of brands will be debuting the latest timepieces and new collections. Each brand will be represented independently, bringing innovative and exceptional time to the Baselworld stage. This year, Invicta continues to elevate and innovate its case work. In particular, three new captivating releases will be at the helm for the brand. The Invicta Bolt Sport, the Invicta Poseidon, and the new collection, Invicta Reserve Thin. All three speak directly to the inherent ingenuity that defines Invicta. SEC. 13 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

The Invicta Bolt Sport is a powerhouse of design and construction. Led by the precision of a Swiss quartz movement, the model is forged with muscle and boasts an impressive case diameter of 48mm. Rubberized frames have been molded with absolute precision, providing shock absorption to protect the thick signature Bolt cable and the case body. Meticulous engineering solved the challenge of the strong recoil force of the 5mm cable while a high-tech elastic material has been mindfully placed over the top to prevent scratching. The mineral crystal offers further durability while the carbon dial is an eloquent execution of visionary design. The Invicta Bolt Sport features a screw-down crown and water resistance up to 200 meters. The emphasized rubber frame also anchors the watch, revealing a new direction in the fashionable wear-ability of a truly formidable watch. Forged from the Invicta Subaqua collection, the Poseidon is taking command of all time. Known as the “God of the Sea,” Poseidon is an apt name for this timing masterpiece. Ruling the sea with the powerful Trident in hand, the unique inspiration for this series carries on throughout the details and depths of its outstanding performance. Boasting a Swiss quartz movement and sitting at a noble 50mm, the domineering design has conquered an engineering challenge producing a skeletonized, Trident shaped crown protector. With an eloquent curvature, the case body is reminiscent of the Manta Ray, reinforcing the oceanic theme. The Trident on the bracelet end-piece enhances the overall design, while the Tri-riders on the bezel are an added reflection of this, “Crown of Authority.” A high-seas definitive, the Invicta Poseidon offers a screw-down crown, brilliant Tritnite luminous features on the hands and markers and the model is 500 meters water resistant and tested. Invicta has again expanded its vision of case contruction and introduces the Invicta Reserve Thin. Taking time to a new level of complexity, the collection masters a sought after aesthetic, designed for optimum performance. Striking in size and design, Invicta watchmakers have successfully reduced the internal clearance between components resulting in a new high precision standard for assembly of the complex module. All internal parts are integrated together resulting in a case housing made of '316L' stainless steel to achieve minimal wall thickness (technically below 1mm). A Sapphire crystal ensures additional durability, protection as well as enabling a 0.5mm thickness with 2 ATM water resistance. The radius edges that extend from the case body to the ends of the band serve to enhance the visual impact of the timepiece’s slimness. Successfully innovating the attitude of minimalism, The Invicta Reserve Thin, transforms the precision of time into a power ful experience of ultimate gain. Given the illustrious arena, it is with great enthusiasm, the Invicta Watch Group looks forward to day-viewing and providing an authentic and comprehensive experience for all the brands. A new chapter in watchmaking tradition returns to Baselworld; the newly acquired Glycine will be joining Invicta, TechnoMarine, and S. Coifman. This historic Swiss company, responsible for the groundbreaking splittime Airman timepiece, will be returning to the marketplace. In 2017, the Airman tradition will continue along with a new brand campaign, “Be an Airman” to be unveiled exclusively at Baselworld. With an invitation to step into their intriguing and accomplished details, Invicta Watch is certain to continue to captivate fans, collectors, and customers.

The Invicta Trident Poseidon The Invicta Bolt Sport The Invicta Reserve Thin SEC. 15 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017


CIBLE TAIL THE DEPTHS OF THE DETAILS HAVE ARRIVED The making of an Invicta campaign is a team effort. From conception to realization, the smallest detail makes an epic statement.

SEC. 19 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 INVICTA BEHIND THE SCENES BEHIND THE SCENES If Invicta is ‘invincible in detail’ then how is it possible for a campaign crew to invincibly form the pay off? The Dutch know what to do with that. In Den Bosch they hatched a plan that initially was met with resistance. Because how do you accentuate all the beautiful details of the Invicta watches in a surprising way without falling back on cliché images? Yet, no question is too far-out for those who work with spirit and dedication to the development of what must become not only original and persuasive but also a captivating campaign. And, a campaign to be revealed at Baselworld 2017. Top photographer John Jansen relishes every challenge. In his Rotterdam studio, the most ingenious compositions are created to execute the ideas from the Art Director with absolute precision. Because everything needs to be perfect, not one detail is left to chance. The success of, "Invincible in Detail" depends upon each model, both person and timepiece, positioned just right. Whether a mountain climber, dancer, woman on the beach, workman or the watches, each pose has to be accurately measured and captured at just the right angle.

In order to match the background image, the models must be positioned in frame down to the smallest measurement. Working this way generates compelling visual material but also reveals the heart of Invicta. Each photograph articulates an engaging synergy between exceptional watchmaking and environmental elements. What results is an energy that operates in the spirit and the capability of each Invicta timepiece. It is through the details in design engineering and construction that the Invicta customer continually discovers ultimate satisfaction.

SEC. 21 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

SWITZERLAND BIEL/BIENNE WELCOME TO SWITZERLAND Switzerland, the world of watchmaking and high quality go hand in hand. For so many reasons, Invicta Watch Group has a warm heart for this independent European country. Invicta was founded here in 1837 and its family of brands enjoys a rich and ongoing history in Switzerland. And, a notable highlight for the group is definitely, the world’s largest annual jewelry and watch event, located here, Baselworld.

SEC. 23 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

SWITZERLAND BIEL/BIENNE DINNER BIEL/BIENNE In Biel/Bienne both German and French are spoken. It is the only city in Switzerland that is officially bilingual. Street names and official documents are displayed in both languages. The German name is Biel, the French name is Bienne. Since 2005, the double Biel/Bienne, with a slash, has been the official name. Biel/Bienne is considered the beating heart of watchmaking where Swiss craftsmanship is still performed with love and passion. Many quality brands originated from here. Along with watchmaking, the city is also recognized as industry leaders, particularly in the field of communications. With an ideal location, Biel/Bienne is an attractive tourist destination. Surrounded by lush landscapes that feature three breathtaking lakes and forests, boat tours are definitely a must. A point where nature meets the arts and industry, Biel/Bienne has something special for everyone. OSTERIA DA WILLY For a truly authentic taste of Italy, OSTERIA DA WILLY is the right place in Biel. This cozy restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy a range of delicious recipes. Address Rathausgässli 6, 2502 Biel, Switzerland Telefoon +41 325583573 LA CANTINA DEI SAPORI Child friendly, this is a lovely spot for the whole family to enjoy. Address Solothurnstrasse 13, 2504 Biel, Switzerland Website lacantinadeisapori.ch ODEON Would you like to try dishes typical for the Biel region? If so, Odeon is where to book a table. The kitchen serves delicious local fare of the best quality. In addition, the coffee here is still roasted in-house following age-old recipes. A true treat. Address Bahnhofstrasse 31, 2502 Biel, Switzerland Website odeon-bienne.ch

SEC. 25 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

SWITZERLAND BIEL/BIENNE On the northern shore of Bienne lake, you can stroll along ‘Grape Road’ and get yourself schooled in all things, wine, at the fabulous Ligerz Wine Museum. Biel/Bienne is not far from the deep green, hilly landscape of the Jura with its extensive forest and dazzling views. On top of that, the surroundings of Biel/Bienne is heaven for the sports enthusiast and for that reason alone, worth a visit. The historical city center of Biel/Bienne was built between 1220 and 1230 by the prince and archbishop of Basel. It wasn’t until the second half of the nineteenth century, after the construction of a railway, that Biel/Bienne started to grow. The city took the initiative and built large factories bringing industry to the area. These factory spaces became the roots of the watch world. Along with watches, the area also began to develop and manufacture other precision instruments. The reason behind this concentrated kind of crafting quite simply goes back to the weather. Farmers who found themselves snowed in, kept busy with woodcarving and the manufacturing of wooden cuckoo clocks. This is why and how some of the greatest clockwork craftsmen hail from the region. As the nineteenth century economy grew, these craftsmen were attracted to life in the city. The advantages of Biel/Bienne in particular, were its vast resources for metal along with the new trade route. And here is how the watch industry began. The modern part of the city is bustling and stretches all the way to the lake, while the old city center with the gothic church is scenically situated against the hill. It was here, in this inspiring environment, that in 1914 Glycine set up shop. For decades now, Glycine has been producing extraordinary watch collections from their factory in Biel/Bienne and have constantly and seamlessly transitioned throughout the years, standing all the tests of time. CUBA BAR CAFÉ BIEL In the mood for something with a kick? Cuba Bar is the place for enjoying the special kick and flair of Mexican cusine. Address Bahnhofstrasse 42, 2502 Biel, Switzerland Telefoon +41 323230550 CAFÉ BAR CECIL Since 1936 this bar has been a favorite, all in one meeting point in Biel. It is THE place to be. Address Bahnhofstrasse 20, 2502 Biel, Switzerland Website lececil.ch

SEC. 27 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

The Invicta angel Model 21703. Movement: Professional Quartz. Case and Dial: 38mm. Mother of Pearl dial. Solid stainless steel case with 18kt gold plating. Push and pull crown. Flame fusion crystal. Tritnite luminous hands and hour markers. Date display. Band: High grade polyurethane band with 18kt gold plated buckle. Water resistance: 100 meters tested. www.invictawatch.com

SEC. 31 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 INVICTA BASELWORLD BASELWORLD The Baselworld of Invicta time.

INVICTA BASELWORLD THE BASELWORLD OF INVICTA TIME Dating back to 1917, Baselworld has become the premiere global event for the watch and jewelry industry. Exhibitors from over forty-five countries attend with an upwards of 94,000 visitors each year. A groundbreaking stage for the best and brightest that the watch industry has to offer, the show has become an annual institution, a timeless highlight of the calendar year.

SEC. 33 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA BASELWORLD An exceptional collective of brands is not alone in glittering on this world stage, celebrities appear not only as watch fans but also in support of their brands and collections. For example: Television actress Eva Longoria representing her collection for TechnoMarine, NFL Hall of Fame athlete and philanthropist, Jason Taylor with his Limited Edition line for Invicta and also for Invicta, television and film actress, Gabrielle Union. Given the illustrious arena, it is with great enthusiasm, the Invicta Watch Group along with its family of brands, will be exhibiting at Baselworld 2017. Invicta, TechnoMarine, S. Coifman and Glycine, will be day-viewing the latest timepieces as well as unveiling new collections. Each brand will be represented independently providing an authentic and comprehensive experience. Returning to Baselworld, newly acquired Glycine will be joining Invicta, TechnoMarine, and S. Coifman. This historic Swiss company, responsible for the groundbreaking split-time Airman timepiece, will be returning to the marketplace. In 2017, the Airman tradition will continue along with a new brand campaign, “Be an Airman” to be unveiled exclusively at Baselworld. With an array of exciting new timepieces and collections, Invicta looks forward to day-viewing all of the latest and greatest from all brands, once again bringing innovative and exceptional time to the Baselworld stage.

SEC. 35 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

The Invicta Reserve Model 21875. Case and Dial: 56mm. Abalone Dial. Solid stainless steel case with high grade polyurethane rubber. Screw down crown and pushers. Flame fusion crystal. Tritnite luminous hands and hour markers. Date display. Band: High grade solid stainless steel band with dual deployment clasp. Water Resistance: 200 meters tested. www.invictawatch.com

SEC. 39 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 MIAMI LIFE'S A BEACH MIAMI, LIFE'S A BEACH A whirl of color, light, music, food, beaches, shopping, nightlife and art, Miami offers a range of vibrant fun for both the resident and visitor alike. It is here, in this dynamic mecca that The Invicta Watch Group calls home. With offices worldwide, all international locations intersect here through the main headquarters and are directed from Miami.

MIAMI LIFE'S A BEACH Situated in the southeastern part of Florida, along the Atlantic Ocean side of the coast, Miami is considered a top tourist destination. Located in Miami-Dade County- between the Florida Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean- the local climate offers a near perfect setting for life, work, relaxation and play. The weather makes the city perfect for not just enjoying the beach life, but also to play host to a range of thriving diverse cultural, culinary, and boating activities and events. Perhaps one of the most notable and recognizable events in the world of art is, Art Basel Miami. An international art fair, Miami Beach is one of three worldwide locations for the prestigious event. Dedicated to showcasing the works of contemporary artists both established and newly emerging this highly visible scene. Over five days and organized into well-delineated venues, the show attracts an upwards of 77,000 visitors including private collectors and directors, curators, trustees and patrons of nearly 200 museum and institution groups. A place to see and be seen, a flurry of party’s glitter throughout the duration of the fair. Art, fun, glitz and inspiration thrive at Art Basel, Miami. For culinary fans, the city offers a diversity in dining unlike any other. Rich with the flavors of many cultures, there is never a lack of choices. Whether fine dining or the trendy food-truck fare, Miami offers many opportunities for adventures in cuisine. And of course, because the Atlantic offers an ocean of possibilities, it makes perfect sense that the Miami International Boat Show has become one of the most prestigious, go-to industry events in the world. With a proximity to the water, surrounded by a thriving city, the show now offers an impressive 1,000,000 square feet of exhibition space. For 75 years, the event has impressed buyers with all that’s new and cutting-edge in the boat industry. Catering to approximately 100,000 buyers and enthusiasts, the show offers an exciting and comprehensive shopping and dining experience. While the neighborhoods, food, weather, nightlife and architecture make for an intoxicating world, naturally, the beautiful beaches have been enticing visitors and residents, generation after generation, decade after decade. DINNER BYBLOS One of the most stunning restaurants in town, Byblos serves food worthy of writing home about. Address 1545 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140 Website byblosmiami.com BAZAAR MAR BY JOSÉ ANDRÉS For his second Miami restaurant, Andrés devised a menu that celebrates the cuisine of his native Spain, along with grounded ocean-inspired dishes that offer a twist from the usual South Beach fare. Address 1300 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130 Website sbe.com BRAVA BY BRAD KILGORE For Brad Kilgore’s second Miami restaurant, he partnered up with Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts to give the area a new take on, “Dinner and a show.” Address 1300 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 Website bravabybradkilgore.com

SEC. 41 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 Miami Beach has long been considered the “pearl” of the city. Snowwhite sand beaches, flourishing palm trees, sun tanned lifeguards, houses and of course the breathtaking intense blue sea all mingle for a truly stunning experience. A number of beaches comprise the stretch known as Miami Beach. The best of these beaches include South Beach where the nightlife sparkles all day long, Crandon Beach – where you can walk and bird watch- and Bill Baggs State Park at the edge of Key Biscayne. The old lighthouses of Bill Baggs make this stretch especially enchanted. If you prefer a quiet, more low-key location with a lot of space, North Shore Open Space Park is the beach destination not to be missed. With so much diversity to explore, do and experience, it is through this shared synchronicity that Invicta Watch has made Miami its home.



TECHNOMARINE LIVE DEEPER LIVE DEEPER Founded in 1997, TechnoMarine successfully merges the art of horological innovation with spirited design. This spirit stylistically aligns with discerning men and women who dare to combine sophistication with wit, originality and quality. Focused on incorporating the essence of active luxury, TechnoMarine offers timepieces rich in dimension and attitude. Holding true to the founding mission of delivering exceptional time with the attributes of freedom and elegance, TechnoMarine constructs each watch with the highest of standards. Technical skill matched with distinction in design imparts creations of true significance. From initial design inspiration to construction to final execution, all models are carefully engineered utilizing only the finest materials. Due to this distinguished craftsmanship, TechnoMarine has earned international recognition reflective of the brand’s detailed attention to delivering excellence. SEC. 45 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

TECHNOMARINE THE MAKING OF A MOMENT THE MAKING OF A MOMENT With an electric nightlife, stunning beaches, beautiful views and a chic vibe, the Balearic Island of Ibiza proved to be the perfect match for the TechnoMarine campaign photoshoot. Known for the tranquil energy by day and the pulsing life by night, the Ibiza lifestyle articulates a core essence found at the heart of the brand. In a modern villa, with a crystalline pool, situated close to the best beach on Ibiza with spectacular ocean views, surrounded by almond trees as well as a lush wooded area, is where TechnoMarine time came to life for the Live Deeper campaign. Upon arrival in the fairy-tale like setting, the creative team set to work. The stylist and makeup artist carefully crafted the perfect looks for the models while campaign photographer, Roel van Koppenhagen, ordered the various visual and landscape options into frame with spectacular expertise. A mesmerizing array of elements: sea, light, color, beauty, style, innovation, concept, design and talent all connected through van Koppenhagen’s lens. Rich in poise and attitude, the collaboration between natural environment and creative skill with the dimension of TechnoMarine inspires us all to, Live Deeper.

SEC. 47 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

TECHNOMARINE CAMPAIGN LIVE DEEPER Compelling articulations for landmark moments in time. SEC. 49 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

Live D Eva Longoria for TechnoMarine: Illuminating another vibrant aspect of time. With a focus on gold, rose gold and stainless steel a spirited sophistication is articulated with ease. Crafted from the finest materials, the collection is a true testament to “Live Deeper.” www.technomarine.com


MEET THE DUTCH 's-HERTOGENBOSCH MEET THE DUTCH When positioning Invicta's European Headquarters, Hedel, the Netherlands was the top pick. Hedel is also located a stone's throw from the provincial capital 's-Hertogenbosch. Generally, Amsterdam comes to mind whenever the Netherlands is mentioned. However, ‘s-Hertogenbosch or Den Bosch locally, should not be overlooked from the list of exceptional cities in this comparatively little, but trendy and innovative European country. Through the ever expanding economy, steady urban development, culture, as well as the culinary and visual arts, Den Bosch has in fact been flourishing for many generations.

SEC. 53 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

MEET THE DUTCH ‘s-HERTOGENBOSCH ‘s-HERTOGENBOSCH Those with a sweet tooth need not look further than the Bossche Bol. Famous for their mouth-watering chocolate covered cream puff, many try to duplicate this pastry throughout the Netherlands but you will only find the real deal in Den Bosch. Another one of a Den Bosch kind is the work of fashion designer, Addie van den Krommenacker. With shops in Den Bosch and Milan, he has been a celebrity favorite for many years. His creations have graced the runways and red carpets both at home and abroad. Not far from Addy’s showroom and studio you can find the impressive Saint Jan’s Cathedral at the edge of the city centre. To be exact, the cathedral can be found on the corner of the Parade and the Torenstraat. The basilica is built in gothic style and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of its kind. Unique to this cathedral, are the stunning, double-flying buttresses integrated in the architecture. During the last restoration, in a nod to our modern era, a cell phone carrying angel wearing trousers became a wonderful new addition. Traditionally, religious practice and the facets of contemporary life have always traveled hand in hand. DINNER BRASSERIE TANTE PIETJE Wonderful French food served in an intimate ambiance. Be sure to reserve a table in advance as the dining room is usually booked solid. Address Korte Putstraat 14, 5211 KP 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Website bistrotantepietje.nl ‘T KEERSHUYS A stone’s throw from ‘de Binnendieze’ and ‘Zoete lieve Gerritje’ in the city centre of Den Bosch. The interior of ’t Keershuys restaurant is entirely integrated with the beautiful historical building in which it calls home. Address Lepelstraat 45, 5211 DP 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Website keershuys.nl DE MEIERIJSCHE KAR Founded more than 100 years ago, Pub ‘de Meierijsche Kar’ is an established local favorite. Since recent memory, the Repko family has been at the helm of the beloved spot. Address Hinthamerpromenade 17-19, 5211 MD 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Website de-kar.nl

SEC. 55 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

MEET THE DUTCH ‘s-HERTOGENBOSCH Uilenburg is a favorite neighborhood in Den Bosch. It is the place to be for the cosiest restaurants and bars. As the river the Binnendieze meanders through the city, many streets in this area have been made low-traffic. During the summer months it is a wonderful area to sit at one of many outdoor cafes. Not only are the best catering businesses to be found here but also the prettiest shops in Den Bosch. If you would like to see Den Bosch from a different perspective, we recommend enjoying a boat trip along the Binnendieze. LUX Offering an utterly fresh, homemade menu, expect beautifully plated & wonderfully tasting dishes in a truly lovely environment. And as the cherry on top: dessert for two, with a selection of delicious sweets. Address Korte Putstraat 23, 5211 KP 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Website luxdenbosch.nl

SEC. 57 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 The most famous son of Den Bosch is Jheronimus Bosch. In 2007 the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center opened, a center that is based solely on this fascinating artist. Here, you can also see works of artists that have been inspired by Bosch. Once you have arrived in Den Bosch, a trip to one of the other Dutch cities is a piece of cake. Public transport brings you to Amsterdam within the hour without a stopover. And if you are lucky, and there are no traffic jams, the car is even faster.



S. COIFMAN THE HOUSE OF COIFMAN THE HOUSE OF COIFMAN In a small music box workshop in 1906, Simon Coifman perfected his first watch movement in the town of Chiasso, Switzerland. The creation was endowed with gold plating and rubies for its 17-jewel movement. In 1907, he began crafting timepieces for metal workers, stonemasons, copper smiths and other artisans in the town. His timepieces soon gained recognition for superior capability and detail in design. Because of this focus and mutual admiration, it wasn’t long before the S. Coifman timepieces were known as the “craftsman watch.” Today, the S. Coifman brand retains this reputation of excellence and refinement. All the pieces are exclusively hand built by an S. Coifman watchmaker. Continuing to capture the original aesthetics in design and craftsmanship, the exquisiteness of an S. Coifman timepiece inherently distinguishes the casual collector from the committed connoisseur. The legacy continues. SEC. 61 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

S. COIFMAN LIFE BEHIND THE LEGACY LIFE BEHIND THE LEGACY How do you bring a time-honored, classic Swiss watch brand into the present while still reflecting tradition and its rich history? On the foundations of a former 1616 castle, in 1746 the Mayor of Rotterdam along with the Lord of Ridderkerk commissioned the construction of what would become the country manor, Huys ten Donck. Located between the villages of Bolne and Slikkerveer, surrounded by the Donckse Forest and situated on twenty-four acres of what is now park land but with the house still privately inhabited, the home has remained in the same family for threehundred years. It was here, in a setting rich with history and tradition that the S. Coifman "Legacy of Grace" campaign was photographed. Evocative of an era gone by, Huys ten Donck, is frequently used as a location site for film, television and advertising. Swept up in the noble grandeur of the estate, the creative team made expert use of the sumptuous surroundings. Joining the captivating models and adding an extra air of atmosphere to the photo shoot, the handsome resident Dobermanns even took part in the process. Ever mindful of capturing a perfectly appointed aesthetic, the team successfully articulated a modern campaign worthy of an S. Coifman timepiece. Elegance and tradition flow through the of Legacy of Grace. Aristocratic in attitude yet modern in execution, S. Coifman allows for the legacy to live in the moment.

SEC. 63 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017


The House of Coifman Articulating the hand-made expertise of more than a century ago, S. Coifman embodies the time-honored tradition of this mastery. With a detailed execution, the collection inhabits a daring attitude conveyed with classic style. S. Coifman: From a refined old world heritage, a distinctly modern moment arrives: Live the legacy. www.scoifmanwatch.com

HONG KONG ASIAN MARKET IS SERVED HONG KONG ASIAN MARKET IS SERVED Officially known as “Hong Kong the Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic of China,” it is the second largest island in an area consisting of more than 236 islands, covering a surface of 427 square miles. Home to approximately 7 million people, Hong Kong itself is 48 square miles. The name “Hong Kong” derives from the Cantonese dialect, meaning ‘fragrant harbor.’ The first contact between the Chinese and British dates back to the year 1699 when trade was established. In 1821, Hong Kong became the harbor where the British and Bengali imported opium. At that time, only 7,000 people lived on the island, now Hong Kong is an energized, bustling epicenter of Asia. Hong Kong is known to be the place where ‘East meets West.’ The Chinese heritage combined with the remnant influences from its time as a British colony, Hong Kong offers a particular energy, a dynamic vibe all its own. Traditional Chinese practices have taken their place in the modern era. Phenomena such as Feng Shui are still taken very seriously, even implemented within the business environment. For example, a trained Feng Shui practitioner is often brought in to ‘Shui’ any given work space for the positive development of capital-intensive real-estate projects. The fusion of East and West is also to be found in the food culture of Hong Kong. Dimsum, hot pot and fast food restaurants all go hand in hand with haute cuisine.

SEC. 67 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

HONG KONG ASIAN MARKET IS SERVED Hong Kong is paradise for the shopaholics. Bustling street markets, trendy boutiques and luxury shopping centers offer everything from local produce to expensive name-brand clothing. If you feel like shopping for an extended period of time, Causeway Bay is an excellent choice along with the world-famous, Times Square shopping mall. Other shopping centers include: New World Center, Ocean Termina, Landmark and Pacific Place. Offering so many wonderful points of interest to visit, it can be difficult to choose where to go. But the spectacular ‘Symphony of Lights Show’ at Victoria Harbor is a must, along with ‘The Giant Buddha’ during the evening hours. If a Disney fan, then Disneyland, Hong Kong is the place to go. Also, a cruise through Victoria Harbor offers a lot of wonderful sights throughout the city. On top of that, ‘The Peak’ is another attraction not to be missed. Here, the extraordinary views of Hong Kong can be experienced in full. For the culinary fan, Hong Kong has a lot to offer. Everything from world famous local Dim Sum to an array of authentic Asian food, fresh seafood as well Tapas and French cuisine. Both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon are host to many, many fabulous restaurants. LUNCH AND DINNER Culinary delights are to be discovered at Michelin star restaurants. AMBER** For a very special ‘foodie’ lunch AMBER is the spot. Address The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong Website mandarinoriental.com DIN TAI FUNG* This restaurant is a must for all Dim Sum lovers. It is a Dim Sum Valhalla, the possibilities are endless. Address G/F Delay No Mall, 68 Yee Wo St, Causeway Bay, Hongkong Website dintaifung.com.hk 22 SHIPS Tapas by a Michelin star chef, this hot spot cannot be missed: a modern tapas bar with an Asian accent. Address 22 Ship Street, Hong Hong Website 22ships.hk

SEC. 69 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

SEDUCTION HAS A NEW NAME SCALING NEW HEIGHTS WITH PROFOUND DEPTH. Fearless aspects in composition matched with outstanding performance, the Invicta Subaqua NOMA VI is the next generation in revolutionary technology. A unique focus has now been realized and inherited mastery carries on the tradition of its predecessors. Subaqua Noma

SEC. 71 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017



GLYCINE BE AN AIRMAN BE AN AIRMAN When Glycine’s Swiss-made timepiece, the Airman debuted in 1953, it made history and set a new standard. The model was the first of its kind as it split time- showing both local and world time at a glance. The Airman literally changed the face of time for long-distance travelers, pilots and the jet-set. From that point, working from a new precedent, Glycine’s innovation has continued and evolved. In 2014, honoring the brand’s 100th birthday, Glycine debuted the 46mm Airman Airfighter that featured three time zones. The brand continues to deliver the heights of glory into timing reality.

SEC. 75 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

GLYCINE PREPARING FOR TAKEOFF PREPARING FOR TAKEOFF No, this is not a dream or ‘virtual reality.’ Located in the South of the Nether lands and reflective of Glycine’s captivating spirit and intrigue, GilzeRijen Airforce Base was a natural choice. And it was here that Glycine’s new campaign, ‘Be an Airman’ began to take actual form. Founded as a military airbase, this active airport has been in operation for more than 100 years.

Gilze-Rijen is west of Hedel, just a quick fly-by away from the European headquarters of Invicta Watch. Even if aircrafts aren’t specifically a point of personal interest, the site for Glycine’s campaign provides its own compelling narrative, worthy of the exceptional timepieces that comprise the collection. The doors open and a magnificent vintage, Spitfire B52-bomber emerges. The photographer carefully directs the plane into the proper position so that his camera can capture the bomber in all its glory. Mirroring the precision and skill found in Glycine’s Swiss craftsmanship, every aspect of the Spitfire exudes authentic accomplishment in aeronautical engineering and deft power. Now that the plane is in position and in-frame, attentions turn towards the models. While one is in hair and makeup, the other appears on-set. The stylist gets to work, checking, double-checking, ensuring that each aspect of the model’s wardrobe is accurate, further enhancing the overall essence of the campaign. Amid an intriguing combination of light, shadow, fog, costume and the Spitfire, the Glycine timepiece is illuminated and the ‘Be an Airman’ campaign takes flight. Test the atmosphere, engage the tradition, take the journey. SEC. 77 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

GLYCINE AIRMAN 46 GL0060 www.glycinewatch.com


GLYCINE 100 YEARS AND STILL COUNTING GLYCINE 100 YEARS AND STILL COUNTING Since its founding in 1914 by the ingenious Eugène Meylan, the professional production in Biel/Bienne enabled Glycine to offer the finest miniature movements, clad in precious gold and platinum cases, often studded with diamonds on the market. Glycine became a supplier to the jet-set, particularly in England and America, that valued such works of fine Swiss craftsmanship. A pioneer of watchmaking for pilots and frequent travelers, Glycine has become synonymous with aviation. Initiated by British commander and pilot Chat Brown in 1953, Glycine designed the first “Airman” watch and began production the same year. The Airman became very successful garnering legendary status for introducing multiple time-zone watches. Since then, Glycine has developed several generations of aviation watches. With each release, the brand has continued to innovate, enhancing upon the one that came before. The releases have ranged from more complex world timers to special editions geared for the collector. More than 100 years after the creation of his first Glycine watch, Meylan's spirit lives on. With its acquisition by Invicta Watch Group in 2016, Glycine is now, more than ever, positioned to expand, creating distinctive timepieces predicated upon the unique vision developed by Meylan. Glycine looks forward to future endeavors with Invicta. This prestigious brand will feel right at home with its new owner as timeless traditions will forever be honored, guarded and guaranteed in the years to come. Tradition and quality will keep Glycine up and running. Never absent from the Glycine journey, the Airman was and is the hallmark of the brand. Offering excellent value at a reasonable price, the model is the embodiment of the Glycine philosophy. The company’s strong foundation, coupled with its emphasis on rugged and reliable products, still make Glycine a highly respected name in Swiss watchmaking today.

SEC. 81 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

SEC. 83 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017 INVICTA BEYOND THE EDGE OF SPACE BEYOND THE EDGE OF SPACE On December 8th, 2012 Invicta teamed with physicist, Benjamin Longmier- PhD in Plasma Physics from the University of Wisconsin and Founder of Project Aether for the most significant time endurance mission to date; The Invicta Edge of Space Watch Project. Invicta launched 36 timepieces to the edge of space and documented every step of the remarkable journey via video. The watches were secured on specially designed, structured payloads made of lightweight carbon fiber. The entire mission was filmed using highly specialized cameras and equipment that was able to withstand the unique nature of the project given weather, speed of travel and the atmospheric nature of the process. Working closely with Benjamin Longmier, we were able to determine exactly what these watches were exposed to during their deployment to reach these exceptional heights and their journey returning to earth. This collaboration was the 1st of its kind. No other watch company has put their timepieces to the test in such a significant and exciting way. New frontiers of accomplishment and ability, fortitude arrived. An expedition that only Invicta time could successfully handle, and did.

Gabrielle Union for Invicta Comprised of dynamic interpretations, Gabrielle Union for Invicta offers a sophisticated, cohesive collection of timepieces for women. Soft eloquent tones, clean lines and charismatic elegance articulate a spirited energy. The Gabrielle Union for Invicta collection; diverse expressions for distinctive moments in time. www.invictawatch.com


SEC. 87 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

WALK AMONG THE DETAILS Invicta Stores showcase the world's largest selection of Invicta timepieces, eyewear and style accessories including the latest TechnoMarine, S. Coifman and Glycine models. Known for legendary service, Team Invicta demonstrates the incredible value and detail in every timepiece and offers exclusive benefits such as the Invicta Card VIP program, an exclusive platinum warranty, and lifetime battery service plans. All Stores locations provide an in-store experience that only Invicta can offer.

SEC. 89 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA CALENDAR SHOOT MEET THE MODELS A journey through new vistas, illuminates the spirit of Invicta time for 2017. SEC. 91 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

MEET THE MODELS THE MAKING OF A YEAR THE MAKING OF A YEAR In recent years, Invicta Watch has established the tradition of publishing the highly anticipated, Invicta Calendar. Each year, the calendar photoshoot is always worthy of a party. In previous years, the lovely vistas of the Caribbean have served the calendar well. But for 2017, the starting point for the concept was a most unexpected and enchanting location. This unexpected dreamworld was the starting point for the 2017 Invicta Calendar. Only a few kilometers from the Invicta Watch Europe headquarters lays an impressive scope of land called, “Maasvlakte.” Although serving as one of the world’s largest harbors, the waters, land and beaches here are still very much pristine and fairly unpopulated. Until the 1960’s this area was largely under water. However, the Dutch have a long tradition for reclaiming land or sandbanks via sand suppletion. This process is executed maintaining environmental integrity while helping to stabilize and secure the area, making it safe. This unusual yet compelling setting served as the ideal location for the photoshoot. Six deep with few creature comforts but armed with a lot of equipment, the entire crew landed at the waters of Maasvlakte in the very early morning hours. And it was here, over five beautiful days in September that Invicta time was vividly brought to life. In the glow of the sunlight and expanse of the sea and beaches, the timepieces struck their poses with the help of truly beguiling models. Offering such a unique vibe and aesthetic, Maasvlakte truly reflected and showcased the essence of Invicta time, all the while inspiring the creative team each camera click of the way. The Invicta Calendar and the behind-the-scenes content is available for download at: www.invictawatch.com.

SEC. 93 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

MEET THE MODELS THE MAKING OF A YEAR JANUARY Model 21349 The Invicta Thunder Bolt FEBRUARY Model 22747 The Invicta Disney Limited Edition Pocket Watch MARCH Model 21703 The Invicta Angel APRIL Model 22424 The Invicta Pro Diver X-Wing MAY Model 23070 The Invicta Pro Diver JUNE Model 21641 The Invicta Reserve Subaqua Sea Dragon JULY Model 22379 The Invicta Jason Taylor S1 Rally AUGUST Model 22374 The Invicta Akula SEPTEMBER Model 22490 The Invicta Lupah Espadon OCTOBER Model 22270 The Invicta Jason Taylor Sea Dragon NOVEMBER Model 20334 The Invicta S1 Rally DECEMBER Model 22138 The Invicta Reserve Subaqua

SEC. 95 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA ARTIST THE ART OF TIMELESS VISION THE ART OF TIMELESS VISION Introduced in 2011, the Invicta Artist Series transformed the Invicta watch into a true work of visual art. Utilizing a carefully selected Invicta model, the dial of the timepiece becomes an artist's canvas. In serving as a working canvas, the extraordinary vision of two perspectives converge, achieving creative and technical glory. Famed graffiti artist, Erni Vales, has lent his mad skills and compelling vision to the Artist Series since 2011. Along with his illustrious career as a solo artist, the Miami-based Vales has collaborated on the portraits of Elton John, Lady Gaga and Madonna (to name a few) with the infamous, surrealist photographer, David LaChapelle. “Lace Twin,” “Leather Twin,” and “Panda Suit” were the first of his works to launch in this Limited Edition Series. All three models sold-out in record time and Vales has continued to lend his vibrant point of view with his America and Misfits series. In 2017, Vales will extend that viewpoint to the Disney themed Invicta collection: Disney – LIMITED EDITION. Utilizing his distinctly electric imagery, Vales is set to capture Mickey Mouse, creating an emboldened representation of this iconic character. Implemented on the dials of Russian Divers, the timepieces offer a captivating context, enhancing the experience with both the Invicta timepiece as well as the art. The series further expresses the diversity for which the brand has become known while also delivering dynamic wearable works of art for customers. The Invicta Artist Series, where vision ingeniously transforms the face of time. Pictured: Vales with his "Lace Twin" design, featured on a Limited Edition Invicta Russian Diver. SEC. 97 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

DISNEY ILLUSTRATING THE ART OF TIME ILLUSTRATING THE ART OF TIME In 2016 the Invicta Watch Group began its collaboration with the Walt Disney Company in the creation of a Disney themed Invicta watch collection: Disney – LIMITED EDITION. Launched in Spring of 2016, all models for the collection are exclusive, limited edition pieces for both men and women. Along with the superior engineering and design of the Invicta timepiece, each model features various renderings of Mickey Mouse and other favorite characters on the dial. When the collection launched, Invicta CEO Eyal Lalo had this to share, “The entire Invicta team takes it as such a compliment that Disney wanted to collaborate with Invicta for the creation of these very special timepieces. It is with great enthusiasm that we proceed knowing that we will be a part of the Disney heritage and able to pass that heritage on to Invicta collectors through our timepieces.” Since the 2016 launch, the collection has continued to grow, consistently introducing new models featuring an array of design attributes and options all of which highlight the vibrancy of these beloved and iconic characters. The Subaqua models for Disney – LIMITED EDITION feature Swiss movements, with meticulous renderings of Mickey on a skeleton dial as well as on the case back. The watch models featured in the Disney – LIMITED EDITION are chosen from Invicta collection favorites such as; “Lupah,” “Pro Diver” and the mighty “Subaqua.” In commemoration of the release of the Walt Disney Company’s film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, an exclusive Subaqua timepiece was crafted specifically for the Disney – LIMITED EDITION collection. As with Alice Through the Looking Glass, special edition models for Beauty and the Beast and Pirates of the Caribbean will release later in 2017. With precision and utmost care, each watch is in-itself a work of art. Automatically a collector’s timepiece, the models are not only constructed with the highest quality standards available, they provide the perfect frame for these beloved characters. Disney – LIMITED EDITION celebrates timeless iconography articulated through the exceptional standards and cutting-edge technology of Invicta Watch.

SEC. 99 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA ALL HANDS ON DECK ALL HANDS ON DECK The first-ever Invicta Ocean Voyage set sail February, 2017. Dedicated to fans and collectors, passengers enjoyed 3 days aboard the magnificent Carnival Victory cruise ship. The Invicta Ocean Voyage was host to Evine Live shows broadcasting from the ship, exciting events, parties, shopping and relaxing. The high seas have never had so much fun.

SEC. 101 ISSUE NR 1 YEAR 2017

INVICTA WATCH GROUP 1 Invicta Way (3069 Taft St) Hollywood Florida 33021 USA

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