How can I set a fixed publication URL?

The URL of your published publication ends with the publication title set by you, and becomes active when you publish your publication

If you want to use a fixed URL for your publications and always want the latest version/issue to be shown on that URL, you can simply use the same publication title for all issues. As soon as you publish your latest version, it will be shown on that URL (when several published publications have the same publication title, the last published publication will be shown on that specific URL by the Online Touch software).

In this way, you never have to change the link on your website, or do you have to worry if your latest version/issue will be shown either.

If you have embedded an animated mini flipbook or a clickable publication cover on your website, and use the same publication title and measurements for all issues, your latest published version will automatically be shown as well when clicking on the mini flipbook or cover.

You can set the publication title as follows. 

1. On the homepage of your dashboard, move your mouse pointer over the cover thumbnail of the publication for which you want to set the publication title and click on MANAGE / SETTINGS.

2. Set the publication title in the text field below PUBLICATION TITLE and click on SAVE.

noteThe publication title and description are also shown when your publication is being shared on social media and can be indexed by search engines (if set), so enter an appealing/descriptive text.