How do I create an online publication?

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Upload PDF

You can create a new online publication by uploading a PDF in 2 different ways:

Option 1: Upload via button CREATE.  Option 2: Drag your PDF into the Drop YOUR PDF HERE box. 

Below you find the instructions for option 1. Option 2 is similar to option 1, but slightly faster as you can skip step 1 below.

1. Click on CREATE.

2. Select the PDF of your publication on your computer and drag it to the DROP YOUR PDF HERE box. Or click on SELECT A PDF and select your PDF on your computer and click on SELECT.


Fill in title and descriptIon

After you have selected your PDF on your computer or dragged it to the DROP YOUR PDF HERE box, your PDF is uploaded automatically and can you view the status of the upload in the upload bar.

1.  While the upload is taking place, enter the title and descriptIon of your publication. 

noteThe URL of your published publication ends with your publication title. The publication title and description are also shown when your publication is being shared on social media and can be indexed by search engines (if set), so enter an appealing/descriptive text.

2. After your PDF is uploaded, the orange SAVE & BACK TO DASHBOARD button will highlight. If you DON'T want to copy settings from another publication, click on this button to go to your dashboard. The creation of your online publication will start automatically, with the status shown by the green status bar.

As soon as the publication is processed, the cover will appear on your dashboard and will you still be able to edit the publication and add interactivity. 


Copy settings from another publication

If desired, you can copy the settings from another publication.

1. Click on SELECT PUBLICATION BEFORE clicking on the SAVE & BACK TO DASHBOARD button.

2. Move your mouse over the cover of the publication you want to copy the settings from and click on SELECT.

3. Click on SAVE AND BACK TO DASHBOARD to confirm and go to the dashboard where you will see that the creation of your publication is taking place shown by the green status bar in the publication cover thumbnail.


Copy one of your publications

Instead of uploading a PDF as described above, you can also create a new publication by copying another online publication (with the option to edit the publication still after being created).

1. Click on CREATE (see screenshot above in UPLOAD PDF section, step 1).

2. Click on COPY (see screenshot above in UPLOAD PDF section, step 2).

3. Move your mouse pointer over the cover thumbnail of the publication you want to copy and click on SELECT (see screenshot above in COPY SETTINGS FROM ANOTHER PUBLICATION section, step 2).

A copy of the publication will be added instantly on your dashboard.


Edit publication 

If you want to edit the publication, move your mouse pointer over the cover thumbnail and click on LINK EDITOR.