How do I publish a publication?

1. On the homepage of your dashboard, move your mouse pointer over the cover of the publication you want to publish and click on PUBLISH.

2. Select if the publication may be indexed by search engines.

3. Click on PUBLISH NOW to publish the publication.

4. Select the credit type you want to use to publish your publication by clicking on the credit type specific USE & PUBLISH button.

NOTEIf you don't have any credits left for that credit type, BUY NOW instead of USE & PUBLISH is shown. Click on BUY NOW or COMPARE & BUY CREDITS to buy credits.

5. Click on the confirmation popup screen on OK to confirm that you want to use 1 Credit of the mentioned credit type to publish your publication.

After you have published your publication, it can automatically be indexed by search engines (if selected by you on the PUBLISH screen).

6. Back on the dashboard, move your mouse pointer over the publication cover thumbnail and click on URL / SHARE to display the Share screen on which you can find the publication URL you link to on your website.

ANOTEfter you have published the publication, you can still edit it and publish changes within 7 days after you published the publication. If you make any changes after that moment, you will have to use another credit to publish the publication again.