What is preview mode?

When you preview a publication, a colored bar will be shown with the following text:

You are in PREVIEW mode. After publishing, this publication will be accessible via another URL.



When you are creating an online publication, it will be accessible via a Preview Mode URL, clearly identified by the colored bar on top of your publication. The text in the preview mode publication can not be indexed by search engines. In this way you can finalize your publication at your own pace without having to worry that it will be shown already in search results of search engines like Google.

While preparing your publication, you can share the Preview Mode URL with other people, for example your colleagues to get approval to publish the publication. The Preview Mode URL will always show the latest version of your publication including your latest unpublished changes made in your Dashboard as well as the Drag & Drop Editor.

Example: If you share the Preview Mode URL and your recipient clicks on the URL one day later while you have made some changes in the meantime, your recipient will see the preview publication including your latest changes.



Only after you have finalized your publication and it is ready to be used on your website as well as other marketing communications, you should publish it. You can select if the publication may be indexed for search engines.

After publishing, a separate published/live version of your publication will be created, which will be accessible via another user friendly URL containing the publication title. All text in the published version can be indexed by search engines, if selected. The colored bar shown in the Preview Mode version will NOT be shown in the published version.

You can find the URL of the published version on your Dashboard under GET URL / SHARE. Make sure you only use the published publication URL on your website, social media and in your other marketing communications!



If you have modified your publication after having published it, you will be able to view these changes via the Preview Mode URL. However, these changes will only become effective in the published/live version after you have republished the publication.

Until the moment you do so, on your Dashboard the last modification date will be shown in orange with an orange attention mark next to it. Besides that, after clicking on VIEW on your Dashboard, you can view the latest published version of the publication (live version) as well as a preview of the publication including the latest unpublished changes (preview unpublished version). In this way, you can double check if your latest changes are OK before you republish the publication.