How do I copy settings from another publication?

You can copy settings from another publication while creating a publication. See also the section COPY SETTINGS FROM ANOTHER PUBLICATION at How do I create an online publication? 

1. On the homepage of your dashboard, click on CREATE.

2. Select the PDF of your publication on your computer and drag it to the DROP YOUR PDF HERE box. Or click on SELECT A PDF and select your PDF on your computer and click on SELECT.

3. After you have selected your PDF on your computer or dragged it to the DROP YOUR PDF HERE box, your PDF is uploaded automatically and can you view the status of the upload in the upload bar. While the upload is taking place, enter the title and description of your publication.

4. Below COPY SETTINGS FROM ANOTHER PUBLICATION, click on SELECT PUBLICATION (instead of clicking already at the SAVE & BACK TO DASHBOARD button).

5. Move your mouse pointer over the cover of the publication you want to copy the settings from and click on SELECT.

6. Click on SAVE & BACK TO DASHBOARD to confirm and go to the dashboard where you will see that the creation of your publication is taking place shown by the green status bar in the publication cover thumbnail.