Are publications search engine optimized (SEO)?

Yes. When you publish a publication the full text of your publication can be indexed by search engines, with the ratio of specific text in your publication being optimized.



Make sure that all text in your PDF is selectable (vector, not an image).
Choose a well-thought publication title and description in your Online Touch dashboard using relevant and popular keywords for which you can find many keyword suggestion tools on the internet.
In the editor, add a spread title for each spread and, if necessary, add keywords for specific pages.
Finally, add meta tags on the web pages where your publication is embedded to impact your search engine marketing.


Publish your publication when ready

Only published publications are search engine optimized. So, until the moment you publish your publication, you can keep changing your publication to finalize it before being indexed by search engines yet.
When your online publication is ready to embed on your website and share with your customers/network, you can publish it.

NOTEAfter you have published a publication, it can take a few days before search engines have updated their indexes and added reference to the publication.
When you make changes in a published publication, these changes are only indexed by search engines after you have re-published the publication.