NR 1 - 2017 CONTINEW A STEP INTO THE FUTURE 5G, more than just speed 3D-printing 2.0 Wireless charging: smart, simple, fast “PowerBank market value 25.16 Billion USD in 2022” Computers that think like the human brain?

CONTRIBUT0RS Matt Pluckrose Promotional Gadget Expert @desktop_matt YOU STAND ON THE PRECIPICE - ON THE EDGE OF YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW. Matt has been working in the promotional market for over 20 years & prides himself with being up to speed on the latest technological developments. His enthusiasm for the technology industry is very contagious. He loves to shares his knowledge & writes about this in different media on a regular basis. THE NOSTALGIC SPLENDOURS OF YESTERYEARS SURROUND YOU. THE SLEEK AND THE CUTTING-EDGE LAY AHEAD OF YOU. THE NEXT STEP IS YOURS. David Lemereis Tech-expert Christel Slagt Editor As a true tech expert, David is interested in the latest trends and gadgets. His great love for science drives him in his search for technological innovations and the most impressive equipment. With his vision that in the future everyone will be connected, he looks forward to the day after tomorrow. Michel van der Wardt Graphic Design ContiNEW Magazine is een uitgave van INTRACO TRADING BV. www.intraco.nl e-mail:info@intraco.nl www.linkedin.com/company/intraco-trading-bv www.facebook.com/dvicepromote www.instagram.com/dvicepro Contents 2 - 3 Continue and renew 4 - 7 5G, more than just speed 8 - 9 iCable Braided 10 - 11 Philips Everplay 12 - 15 Digital intelligence 16 - 17 MusicPic 18 - 19 The power of powerbanks 20 - 24 Smart Home Speakers 25 - 27 Xoopar 28 - 29 Light Music Cooler 30 - 31 3D-printing 32 - 36 Zens Wireless Charging 37 Moyoo 38 - 39 No Compliance No Way 40 Balight CONTINEW -1

FUTURE Continue and renew A step into the future Technology is changing our world very fast. Currently we are all thinking and hearing about the impacts of 5G, big data, on-demand everything, autonomous driving, Deep Learning, internet of things, virtual and augmented reality, Artifi cial Intelligence and advanced robotics to name a few and how these will change our everyday lives - hopefully for the better. But what do these advancements mean for us, companies in the promotional market? How do we deal with these changes that are ready to break through, and how will this affect our business? For example: It’s only been around ten years since the fi rst iPhone was launched, now we are approaching 4.7 billion smart phone users globally. This rapid expansion of technology has brought many opportunities, changes and challenges for both civilisation and of course our marketing and promotions sector. Innovation, quality and staying ahead of the game are our primary objectives. We are continually looking for the best products and possibilities for our customers. We believe that by staying in touch and co-operating we are more capable to reach our goals together; To deliver good promotional gadgets that are used and appreciated by the target audience. Staying in touch, innovating, beeing compliant, remaining competitive, keeping awake, working in partnership and understanding each other’s objectives while maintaining your message clear and ‘on brand’ is our focus and sole corporate mission. We created the magazine ContiNew some ten years ago. The fi rst part of the name refers to our continuity in innovation and quality, something that we can be quite proud of after more than 25 years. The other focus on this magazine is NEW. We aim to show you over the coming pages both NEW products, updates on new technologies, individual product categories (such as Artifi cial Intelligence) and how new technology can affect our sector such as 3D printing - which can change, enhance and shake up our service and product offering for you. In a fast-changing “promotional“ world, we keep looking forward to be able to offer the newest trends as soon as possible. Thank you for the trust you have put in us over the years & here’s to the next 25 years! Oscar




5G FAR MORE THAN SPEED ALONE 5G FAR MORE THAN SPEED ALONE David Lemereis The rollout of the 4G mobile network has been completed, the faster 5G sequel is eager to make its entry. Is 5G only faster or can we expect new applications and changes to the way we work, rest and play? The current 4G mobile networks often provide internet faster than your wifi network at home. The successor 5G, of which we can expect the fi rst networks in 2020 at the earliest, promises much higher speeds, up to 50 times faster than 4G. In itself, super fast internet provided by 5G is amazing, but a much greater advantage of 5G is the extremely low latency provided by the network. Latency is the delay between sender and receiver over a network. For example, you notice latency when you use your tablet as a steering wheel in a racing game. The delay when streaming the image from the television via wifi and the reaction time of your device is latency. This slight delay is what drives many gamers crazy as latency is high between sending the command and watching the car respond on the monitor. This delay over 4G networks can be several milliseconds while 5G promises a latency of only 1 millisecond. Additionally, it seems that with 5G more connections can be made at the same time. For 5G networks, the word promises is still applicable though. At the moment, no specific arrangements have been made and experiments are still taking place with all sorts of technologies. For the carriers, not the extremely high speed, but the number of connections combined with low latency is the big challenge. The smaller the delay, the more people or devices can go on the network. We all know the problem, 6- CONTINEW

5G FAR MORE THAN SPEED ALONE if the national soccer team scores during the European or World Cup, the mobile networks are closing down because everyone is texting. Or when 25,000 people at Glastonbury want to post a picture on Instagram at the same time, it also causes some network jamming. However, it is not only important to get large groups of people on the network at the same time, 5G is also essential for future technologies. The number of devices that are already connected is gigantic and will increase exponentially in the future. It’s not only about your smartphone, tablet or PC anymore; your lights, the door lock, the refrigerator, stove, thermostat, smoke detector, webcam, media player, television and another hundred devices are already connected. You often hear the term “Internet of Things”, but this has become obsolete in the meanwhile and should be changed to the Internet of Everything. Take yourself for example, you may have a smartwatch that measures your heart rate and sends data to an online dashboard like your phone or laptop. Your body is then connected to the internet. In the future, everything and everyone will be connected with everyone and everything. Cows are already implanted with micro chips and are wirelessly connected to the farmer’s laptop. Trashbins Network Type HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO DOWNLOAD A TWO-HOUR-LONG “MOVIE”? What you could do while waiting Fly from London to Sydney, including check-in times Run a quick mile Catch up on Facebook completely wirelessly communicate to the city that they are almost full. Trees in remote forests are equipped with sensors that report fi re from a long distance. Traffi c lights and bridges transmit wirelessly. Just name anything and either it’s connected or will be connected in the future. In short, the Internet of Everything stands or falls with the 5G networks that can handle much more and better connections than the current 4G networks. One of the biggest changes that will take place in the next 10 years is the arrival of the driverless car. These cars will thankfully take advantage of all the benefi ts promised by 5G and won’t function without it. In the near future it is highly likely that autonomous (driverless) will become the norm, and cars will all be connected to one another. If a deer jumps out and an autonomous car needs to brake fast and hard, it will immediately pass this information on to the cars near itself. The forecasted 5G latency of only one millisecond will make the difference between life and death ... Traffi c jams will become a thing of the past as smart cars communicate with each other to avoid build-ups. Commuting, working remotely and travelling productivity will change beyond all recognition from the frustrations and wasted time spent today stuck in endless jams. 3G 284 Kbps (2001) 26 hours 4G 100 Mbps (2009) 6 minutes 5G 10 Bbps (2020) 3.6 seconds ? Ask, “Is it downloaded yet?” CONTINEW -7

create your iCable. your own Style. your own Story. 8- CONTINEW

iCable Braided More and more products can be customised to ones own taste nowadays. For example, you can choose the colours and materials of your Nike or Adidas sneakers down to the details, so that they suit you all the way. But why should not this apply to products you use daily, like your earphones or the charging cable of your phone? iCable Braided offers the possibility to fully customise the braided exterior of these cables. The possibilities are endless with choices from a wide range of colours and patterns. CONTINEW -9

Philips Everplay… much more than meets the eye… This brand new range of Bluetooth speakers is designed to enhance your favourite music and keep it playing continuously. The wireless range on these new models is up to 30m (three times the norm for Bluetooth), ensuring an incredibly stable connection no matter where you listen. The range includes built-in microphones for hands free phone calls and are dust, water, and shockproof - ideal for use anywhere! Intelligent standby mode (10 hour battery life) and auto pairing make these a gift to be treasured for a long time and keep your brand top of mind.

Artifi cial intelligence, deep learning, robotics all set to change our lives...but what is it? Even the supermarket is becoming smart Tech jargon and buzz words increasingly surround us everywhere we turn. So what is Artifi cial Intelligence, machine and deep learning and how will it effect our lives? Our society has been relying on artifi cial intelligence (AI) for years already. It’s all around us we just don’t always realise or identify it as such. For example, if you turn on StreetView in Google Maps to take a look at what your holiday campsite in France looks like, there is a great chance that the faces of the campers are made unrecognisable in StreetView by AI. No human being was even involved in that process, it was handled by computers. Security has never been in such close focus as today, and AI is helping to fi ght crime and keep us protected. Street security cameras use artifi cial intelligence to automatically recognise faces which then assists our security forces in identifying potential threats and targets. Smart (AI) consumer webcams installed in many homes for home security also use the same technique to automatically distinguish family members from potential 12- CONTINEW

David Lemereis What’s next: W ne digital Intelligence burglars. This is of course a necessity, otherwise you would receive a notifi cation on your smartphone every time your son or daughter enters the house. Raw computing power Facial recognition is one of many applications of Artifi - cial Intelligence. The term Artifi cial Intelligence is a collective name for different types of machine intelligence, where algorithms or a series of computer instructions, analyse problems, solve them and learn from data for example when recognising a face. The term AI dates back to the 1950’s. It became common when chess computers defeated the world champion in chess, Garry Kasparov, in 1997. This was possible because computers became faster and faster and were able to calculate all kinds of moves from start to fi nish and predict the winning move with their developing intelligence/ power. Smart, smarter, smartest Facial recognition uses so-called Machine Learning. These are self-learning algorithms and they can, to a certain extent, learn from the data you provide them. Let the computer see a billion cat photos and it will learn to distinguish between different cats. CONTINEW -13

A modern smart webcam does exactly that. You put it in your house and every time it sees your daughter or son, it will ask you to confirm which family member it is. After a few days, the webcam has automatically learned to identify the whole family from all angles. This does not always work though. If your daughter enters the house wearing a new hat, then the webcam suddenly does not recognise her. Your webcam will use Deep Learning to resolve this problem in the future. Deep Learning computers are ultra smart computers that can learn in a similar way to the human brain. Deep Learning computers are already amazingly intuitive and very very smart. For example, the 2011 Watson Supercomputer defeated the two best human players in the television game ‘Jeopardy’. The amazing thing was these computers actually became more intelligent with each new day and game. Google’s ‘AlphaGo’ defeated a top player in the Asian board game ‘Go’ last year and ‘Libratus’s’ computer program defeated the the best poker players in the world with its Deep Learning this year. Games are ideal for challenging Deep Learning computers, but of course they are also used for all sorts of serious applications. For example, IBM Watson assists cancer research to develop better treatment methods by analysing clinical studies. Watson is also deployed to develop Artificial Intelligence for self-propelled cars which are forecast to be the biggest consumer technology ‘game changer’ over the coming 5-10 years. According to research by Accenture, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to double the Gross Domestic Product growth rates of 12 developed economies by 2035. Technology which touches us all to this extent cannot be ignored and will rapidly expand the desire and demand for AI gadgets and technology which can be tailored to marketing applications and brand enhancements. digit al 14- CONTINEW

What’s next: digital intelligence Deep Learning computers are ultra smart computers that can learn in a similar way to the human brain. int elligenc e CONTINEW -15

Speaker with Mirror Speaker with Clock Stereo Sound Not only…It is our flat panel speaker Bltth k ll Silkscreen logo t 16- CONTINEW

MusicPic Speakers are available in all shapes and sizes and the days of boring-looking speakers are over. Some are even true eye-catchers, like the MusicPic. A picture frame that has music in it! The MusicPic is available in different shapes and sizes, as a picture frame with any logo on it, or as a full colour picture in the shape of a logo for example. And with the rechargeable 500 mAh battery you are assured of 5 hours of musical entertainment. The MusicPic adds an extra dimension to your favorite picture or your logo. CONTINEW -17

The power and the use of power banks In this era, smart phone addiction leads to some suffering from “Nomophobia” (anxiety from not having access to a mobile phone; such as the loss of a mobile phone, loss of reception, or a dead mobile phone battery) the portable power bank or battery is something most cannot do without. 18- CONTINEW

Promotional Power Bank Market set to soar to 25.16 Billion USD by 2022 source: Capacity Range That is what has catapulted this simple battery to one of the fastest growing consumer products on the planet! Billions of power banks have now been produced and distributed with this fi gure set to grow to a market worth 25 billion by 2022. Let’s look a little further into this modern phenomenon… A power bank is generally a lithium battery encased in a shell which provides power to USB-driven devices such as smart phones, tablets, Sat Navs, cameras, gaming consoles, etc. These power banks are measured by their output capacity (mAh – milli amps per hour) and capacity to charge 1 Amp, 2 Amp, 3 Amp which dictates what they can charge. The third variable is the speed at which the power bank itself can be charged. Like all useful products this has led the device to be used by thousands of marketers who want to keep their brand and logo close by their clients or prospects. Such is the growth of these devices, they have become somewhat of a commodity being sold now in garages, discount supermarkets and online outlet stores. But not all powerbanks are the same. Some offer distinctive features, like PassThrough powerbanks which can be charged simultaneously with a smartphone. Or powerbanks with a built-in fl ashlight, which is always handy when you are going camping. Others are equipped with a solar panel, which allows the powerbank to charge itself if there is enough sunshine. The fi rst wireless powerbanks are now coming. For motorcyclists and car drivers there are now even astonishingly small jump start powerbanks, which can be used as a start assist for starting a car or motorcycle with an empty battery, in addition to charging USB gadgets. And will the powerbank market continue to grow? Defi nitely! The expectation is that up to 2022 the annual growth (CAGR) will be 21%. The factors driving this growth include the increasing usage of electronic devices, technological advancements and shortage of electricity in certain countries. Staying ahead of the game in such a crowded market is a BIG challenge! This is why we look for unique branding, styles and features. CONTINEW -19

Hi Siri Google Now Cortana Alexa “explain Smart Home Speakers” 20- CONTINEW

Smart Home Speakers David Lemereis Technology advancements are all around us. If you stop and think for a second, we are today actually living in the science fiction world of yesterday! Common practice for some now is to pick up a small device from your bag, ask it to order an Uber, then walk to the door and say “turn off the lights”. The lights go out and as you walk out the door, there is an Uber waiting outside. These are just a few examples of verbal assignments that the personal digital assistant on your smartphone can execute for you. All major manufacturers like Apple, Google and Windows have such smart assistants for your smartphone, tablet or PC in the form of Siri, Google Now or Cortana. The problem is that hardly anyone uses them, yet... But why? Consumers, it seems, feel a little embarrassed to talk to a device on the street or at the office in the presence of others. The smart assistants are gaining popularity though, but mostly in the privacy of the living room. The world leading Tech retailer Amazon was more or less the first manufacturer to build a smart assistant in a living room speaker, Alexa. She always has a listening ear and tries to do all sorts of tasks for you. That may range from answering a question about weather or scheduling an appointment to operating thermostats, roller blinds and televisions. In the United States, this Amazon Echo is a great success. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Google introduced their smart “Google Home” speaker in the US earlier this year. Also, Apple recently announced that the Apple Homepod will be on the market at the end of the year. What do you say? Unlike digital smartphone assistants, the Amazon Echo and Google Home are already a big success. According to Global Market Insights Inc., the market is forecast to be worth $10 billion by the end of 2024. That’s no wonder, because it is less embarassing to talk to a device in the presence of your husband, wife and/or children. But perhaps the most important thing that makes it a success is that they listen so well. To be able to listen properly, it is important to communicate loudly and clearly to the Smart Home speaker. Then the speaker can be your robotic assistant and help manage your digital lifestyle. CONTINEW -21

Amazon and Google have a good understanding of the built-in microphones. If you stand 20 feet away from the speaker and say “turn the thermostat up one degree”, then these smart speakers hear and understand what you are saying, even with music playing in the room. This is an essential quality, as research shows that people mostly use home speakers to turn music on or off. In other words, despite music playing, the sound of the television or other distracting noise, the speaker must understand you. The speed at which they pick up commands and respond is very impressive, but sometimes also a little frustrating. You must always start voice commands with “Alexa” or “Ok Google,” and then ask your question “What’s the weather like in London?”. Within two seconds your question has been processed in the cloud and you have an answer, thanks to the use of Artifi cial Intelligence. But despite how clever it is, sometimes home speakers can also be very limited in understanding your question. For example, Google Home understands “Show the best cooking videos on YouTube,” but struggles with the question: “Show YouTube Best Cooking Videos.” It takes some adjusting to the understanding of the home speakers, but once you know how to do it, it really makes life easier. Lost in Translation Very Smart they are, but home speakers are not multilingual yet. The current Smart Home Speakers can only understand English and specifi cally American English. And just like humans, they struggle sometimes to understand certain accents. The power of the underlying Artifi cial Intelligence, however, is that it learns continuously and with time becomes smoother and other languages will also be understood. One thing is for sure, Smart Home speakers are here to stay. This is in contrary to many other Tech hypes that did not live up to their expectations such as 3D televisions and smart watches. The success of Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home now shows that it’s only a matter of time before Smart Home speakers will be a must have for almost every living room. This is a massive opportunity for marketers to be involved in a game changer and get their brand in front of a vast consumer market. 22- CONTINEW

“What’s the weather?” E5 Smart Speaker CONTINEW -23

INTERVIEW Joy in Technology Great product concepts come from the heart and not just the head... The Xoopar product design team have clear guidelines and principles when starting a new project and bringing new gadgets to the market. We meet and discuss this with Cem Bakis, their head designer. “A great product concept is something not just about aesthetics, it also has to have a commercial aspect and be ‘in demand’ from the market, this makes the item desirable and successful”. Cem looks carefully at the right people when choosing his team, he says “A good designer is one who can look from the distance and connect the back end with the front end. This is how we bring product collections with character, humour and a strong commercial story.” Product inspiration for the technology market comes from all over the world, from major consumer shows such as CES, global giants such as Samsung, Google and Apple to fashion labels and boutique electronics retailers. The creative team at Xoopar never stops and constantly observes and collects input for their next projects. “Design is not our only principle however, commercial judgement and management are essential in creating a sustainable business that makes profi t and provides for its workforce - this is the driving philosophy at Xoopar.” 24- CONTINEW

The management team strives to fi nd the right challenges for the design team because they have great commercial potential. This potential is both for retail sales and to act as brand ambassadors for our promotional customers. “After we give them the brief every designer independently develops their project and when ready presents it to the entire company. After gathering all the comments, if it’s a winner we proceed to full production and product launch. If it’s not a project that everyone believes in - it won’t make it to market, our total company passion goes into each product.” Cem says “Our design process looks like many others’ from a distance, but the real Xoopar difference comes from knowing ‘how’ to apply instead of ‘what’ to apply.” CEM BAKIS XOOPAR HEAD OF DESIGN In conclusion Xoopar culture and Product philosophy states... - Listen to the market and fi lter with your own eyes - Think less but deep, value the time - Create joy from technology - Have fun and enjoy your work - Make something you will actually love and buy CONTINEW -25

pokket mouse Trending design, ultra slim wireless mouse. Built-in rechargeable battery, never worry about the power running out, use it as usual when it’s charging. Unique with a frame in the same color as the lighting logo. 26- CONTINEW

IloCable The best-selling multi-connect charger with USB-C, micro and lightning for iPhone 5/6/7 is now available in an edgy acrylic version with engraved lighting logo.


3D 3D printing Hype or here to stay? That’s the next question

3D printing is used more and more, from medical to consumer solutions. But how does 3D printing affect the promotional industry? What is the next level of 3D printing in promotions: How about full color, high resolution pop out printing…. WOW! In a few words... 3D printing allows multi-layer precise printing with sharp detail and relief. Welcome to the ultimate possibility of creating anything you want. The options that this technology offers are unlimited, but just to give you a few ideas: Imagine relief printing which has the ability to create much more depth and perspective, creating full colour high resolution imaging: A real original work of art. This new technique is much more appealing than more traditional methods like pad, screen, and digital printing. We have developed a beautiful collection of phone case designs that each explore different perspectives of this new technology. You can choose any of these and personalise them with your unique company’s story. Moving forward we will also offer this technology on Powerbanks, headphones, speakers etc. Because of this, your company can now present itself through an item that is carried by everyone in the world. Fresh Fiber, the pioneer in lifestyle who brought you 3D printing on phone case, now takes you to the next level. CONTINEW -31


How nice would it be if your phone starts charging as soon as you step into your home… Whereas some years ago mobile phones’ wireless charging was only available for a select few, nowadays this technology becomes increasingly accessible. Samsung and several other brands like Sony and LG have launched smartphone models that can be charged wirelessly through Qi technology and it seems that Apple will follow soon now that they have joined the Wireless Consortium. The Consortium is a group of leading companies working together on the Qi standard for wireless charging. As many as 76% of consumers indicate they would use this technology if it was built into their smartphones. In order to respond to this need, large companies increasingly work with Zens to create wireless charging spots and solutions in working areas. For example, Starbucks’ and McDonalds’ customers will be able to charge their phones by simply placing them on the charging point in their table. Zens offers the technology and possibilities to charge your mobile device in an increasing number of places, in cars or on furniture. Since 2013, the number of car models incorporating Qi technology has doubled year on year. In the meantime, all major automotive brands now make use of this technology. Zens works on techniques and integrated charging spots that offer the possibility of charging your phone, smartwatch or even laptop wherever you are. CONTI NTI

                Zens & Design talent Specifi cally for the Premiums & Gift market, Zens works together with a Young Industrial Design Talent from the University of Twente in order to develop innovative designs for new wireless chargers. This way, the company can respond to the increasing accessibility of Qi wireless charging and customisation in the promotional market. The new technology of wireless charging is fi nding its way into our daily lives very quickly. With Qi wireless charging, power is transferred through electromagnetic induction fi elds making charging cables, plugs and adapters obsolete. The only thing you need, is a Qi charging station (transmittor) and a phone with wireless charging capabilities (receiver). As soon as your battery runs out of power, you place the device on the station and your phone immediately starts charging. Smart, simple, fast! 34- CONTINEW

      It does not only make Zens... it makes life easier... CONTINEW -35

Welcome to the world of wireless charging Apple MFI Approved 1300 mAh The ZENS Apple Watch Powerbank White allows your Apple Watch to be charged up to 3 times due to its strong built-in battery. Its small size makes it extremely easy to use while travelling, allowing you to recharge your Powerbank using the micro USB port. Inductive charging makes charging mobile devices more convenient; rather than having to connect a power cable, the unit can be placed on, or close to a charging area. Be part of our wireless world 36- CONTINEW

TRUE WIRELESS STEREO bluetooth earphone

MEET TOM AND HIS TEAM... EVERYTHING IS NOT ALWAYS AS IT SEEMS... They have a clear mission and that is to ensure the smooth running and management of the Asian offi ce. The team has a large sign on their wall – it is simple but sums up their team attitude – “NO Compliance – NO way!“. In this article we, together with product manager Tom, will explore some of their challenges and how they stay on top of them. In this fast moving world keeping on top of “total quality assurance” (Tom’s favourite expression) is no easy thing! That is why his experienced team constantly strives to ensure each order that features your brand is fi t for purpose and quality assured. Our network of offi ces through Asia, set up in 2004, now work together to check and maintain the many facets of quality assurance across our Group. The team is constantly working with our carefully selected “supply partners” to ensure both social, ethical and quality standards are met throughout the chain. This includes raw materials, manufacturing, transport and of course packaging. We strive to ensure our operation remains accurate, compliant and of course profi table so we can benefi t from increased sales and volumes which benefi t all elements of the process. Lithium batteries used in power banks have been keeping Tom and his team busy recently! The Airline Authority decided, following several accidents of faulty goods, that these should be classed as “Dangerous Goods” (DG) since April 2017. This meant that Tom and his team then had to train to become ‘DG (dangerous goods)’ licenced, which means they are authorised to handle and arrange shipments of power banks. To help keep up to date we work with external 38- CONTINEW

agencies and laboratories such as Product IP, TUV SUD, BSCI and Sedex. They help, advise and offer consultancy on the latest regulations, auditing methodoly and identifying which products now need to comply with which regulations. This guidance is taken both before, during and after product development to maintain product certifi cates and ensure both the product and factory remain compliant. Managing the relationship with the supply partners who manufacture our products for you is a big part of Tom’s job. His team meets daily to review new product ideas, conduct brainstorming sessions and study in detail (with engineers) pre-production samples. All this to ensure that when the products arrive with you they are perfect. The team are all qualifi ed Production Facility Auditors and spend much of their days visiting factories and checking that local and international rules are being followed and adhered to and that the factory working environments are socially acceptable and that the products made are compliant and as per all specifi cations. So in summary, we believe it is safe to sa that Tom and his team have a very busy, varied and fundamental role is our supply chain management. And as stated before, his team always keeps in mind... NO W NOAY CONTINEW -39 COMPLIANCE

The coolest App Controlled Bike Wheel Light let your logo shine simply upload via the app - All weather conditions - Meets all quality and safety requirements 40- CONTINEW YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO YOUR LOGO

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